Yarn Bomb

It’s been a really productive weekend. Not only did I go through ALL of the yarn, but I was able to organize the stash that is staying. I definitely made my 50% goal (get rid of at least half) and I think I managed to hit the 3/4 goal I had really wanted to make.

I will organize the stash that is going and I’ve invited every knitter/crocheter within 50 miles to come by and take what they want. I was very liberal with what is going so there is some primo yarn in the go pile.

Scarlet had the best time during this whole process. She had to sit in every basket and bin I went through. Each one was explored, sneefed, and bitten when needed.


Getting this done is an enormous relief. I’ve been dreading it for so long (a few years) that finishing it up is just a huge weight off my shoulders.

It’s also a big relief to get so much of it out of the living room. It feels like I conquered a giant.

Now I just need to get the holiday decorating done and I might feel like the holiday won’t overwhelm me.

Zen Kitty

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2 Responses to Yarn Bomb

  1. Amy says:

    Dibs on the brown Socks That Rock yarn!

  2. Scaloot aka Judy says:

    When I get this long-term remodel done enough to move in you can come help me with my yarn stash. I have a few other stash piles you could play with too!

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