Workbench Reveal

For me, the best part of every project is the beginning, when I’m planning and making lists, and the end, when it feels like I’ve checked off a big ‘ole box and I’m seeing the results of hard work. The middle part, all the work, kind of sucks.

This weekend was a weekend of results which made for a very nice weekend. All I had left to do on the workbench was to organize everything piled on the surface. I love organizing. Have I mentioned this? It makes me happy to create order from chaos. I don’t like cleaning but I do like putting things in order.

The workbench was a major area to tackle in my garage. When I moved in (six years ago) it became one of those areas where things are dropped to deal with later and then became overwhelming so I developed a blind spot. It really did impact a lot though. Not only was I unable to use the area but it was really difficult to do little chores and projects around the house because I always had trouble finding my tools and I never had a good spot to work.

This garage clean-out was way more than just getting rid of stuff. I’ve actually cleaned my garage several times since I moved in; including holding a garage sale! I just never dealt with this little corner of the garage.

At some point I realized that ignoring it wasn’t making it any better. I’m the first one to say that when you are trying to do something, or love something, the space you do it in, and the tools you use are important. Don’t try working from home if you don’t have a comfortable, safe place to do it. Don’t try knitting if you aren’t going to invest a little time and money in your materials.

This kitchen reno has been good on many levels and one of them is to kick me in the butt and admit there was a problem preventing me from doing things I wanted to do.

A lot of yakking just for this:

The workbench before

I swear, there is a workbench back there

The workbench this morning

All together now, ooooooooo!

Little parts of it please me beyond all good sense.

I love the little peg board bins that my tape measures fit in perfectly. I’ve already fetched and put back one of the tape measures several times and had an impossibly smug moment when my brother asked where he could find a tape measure. I think I made him go bask in the workbench glory one time too many.

The peg board plier holders rock.

The workbench is framed on each side with these little bins. Each bin holds like material making it super easy to find a coat hook or the staple gun.

The magnetic bar was purchased more on a whimsy but it’s ended up being really handy to grab a screwdriver for quickie jobs.

I bought a few peg board holders with intention but in the end I grabbed a mixed bag package and I’m glad I did because it wouldn’t have occurred to me to even try some of the ones I liked.

There are still a few small organization projects like going through some of the jars of screws and nails that have accumulated over the years.

Seriously, don’t you feel like you could do about anything at that space?


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