Window Blind Quick Fix

I have an adorable kitty. This adorable kitty, Scarlet, likes to watch the birdies through the window. That sounds gentle and bucolic until you find out that what she’s done is bust through the blinds to sit in the window. These blinds must be kind of old and brittle because almost immediately, they started breaking which makes the front of the house look janky. It’s one step away from tacking up an old sheet.

In addition to broken blinds, they have always been miles too long for the window. I’ve just done what the previous home owner did and piled the additional blinds up on the window sill and pretend everything is fine. However, everything really wasn’t fine. When I went to take a picture of the blinds I saw blind bits on the floor and left it in the picture to help illustrate my point. My front windows were not classy.

I did not even know that I could do anything about the extra blind length until I read this post. It was like the heavens opened up and I saw the universe differently. So this evening I set out to do a quick fix on the blinds until I can replace them.

The last piece of the blinds is a chunky piece that has little tabs on the bottom. Pop out those tabs. They were pretty easy to get out. I didn’t even need a screwdriver. Tucked into that hole is a string with a knot. Just pull out that little knot and cut it off. Once that knot is gone, you can simply pull out all the blind slats one-by-one.

Pull the slat from its little string “ladder” which it just sits on and pull out the single string that is laced through the slat’s hole.


I did that all the way up past the broken bits. I set aside the slats still in good condition. As you can see, I was getting some help. She wasn’t very good at this because she just wanted to bite everything. I didn’t need to bite a lot on this project.


This is a good view of the string “ladder.” I’m going to replace the broken slats I removed with the good slats that were extra at the bottom. I found that it was easiest to just slip a new slat onto each step of the ladder all the way down to where I want to stop.


Don’t overthink this step. It is as easy as it seems.

You can see the new slats on the ladder at the top of the picture. I haven’t put the single string through the hole yet. I found it easier to just slip the slats onto the ladder first and run the string through the holes afterwards.

You can turn the slats to the position that makes it easiest to see the slat holes for the string. I found I liked them up but facing me just a skootch so I could see the holes. Just run that string straight down the holes all the way down.

Here is a shot of me threading the string through the holes. I found I needed to trim the string a few times to keep it from getting fuzzy on the end which made it difficult to poke through the holes. So leave as much length on the string until the very end. You’ll appreciate being able to trim a few times and have a nice clean end.

Thread it down through the last slat just above where you want it to end..

Slip the last, chunky piece into the ladder just like you did for the slats. Slip the single thread through the small hole on the top of the piece (you may want to trim again so it fits neatly into the hole) and make a single knot at the end.

You can trim off the single thread now. I left an inch or so and just tucked it all back up into the hole.

Pop the button back into the hole on the bottom of the chunky, bottom piece.

Trim off the bottom of the ladder. I left a little bit of thread and it doesn’t show.

It is now the perfect length.

There are no more broken slats giving the front of the house a dorm room look.

There is a bit of clean up however. This is never the glamorous part of a project.

Do we want to take bets on how long it will be before she pushes through the new slats and breaks them now? I’ll bet these don’t last a month. Ah well…adorable kitties are worth it.

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2 Responses to Window Blind Quick Fix

  1. Amy says:

    I’m getting nervous on your behalf on the way the kitty is eyeing those scissors!

  2. sestasik says:

    This is brilliant. I’d never realized you could do this, but I’ve got long blinds in my office that have suffered from brittle aging in one area. This is exactly what I need to make them look almost new again 🙂

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