Winding Down

Days of excitement and activity. Every thing we do is special, exciting, and cherished by me. My nephews may have some vague recollection of this Christmas holiday but I know it will stay with me. They are older, have opinions, hold conversations with me that are interesting and funny. They have become little people and I like them! I’ve always loved them but now I genuinely enjoy being around them and doing things together. They are still young enough that everything is magic. Which means it is magic for me.

But I’m home now and unpacking.

Face piles of laundry…

I’m emptying pockets of all the detritus that accumulate with fun.

I brought home leftovers which means I can remain in a lump for a day or so as needed.

The Christmas decorations are still pretty but beginning to look like a chore on the To Do list. They shall come down soon.

The kitty is so happy to see me she can’t let me out of her sight. I’m happy to see her too.

The dogs are sleeping off the holiday. Some of them still attached to their Christmas toys.

All is good.

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