Whinging About Kitchen Reno…Now with More Puppies!

I keep plugging away on some of the final projects in the garage and will be writing them up when I get a chance. My patience is worn thin due to the heat in the garage (I hate being sweaty and I get sweaty fast) and also because I’m still madly working on organizing and getting prices/bids for materials for my kitchen. Nothing is ordered yet. Nothing. And cabinets can take 4 to 8 weeks to arrive after they have been ordered. Combine the lack of progress and the heat and I’m a titch crabby tonight. If anyone had been standing outside my garage door this evening they would have heard decidedly unladylike language. Actually it was pretty foul. For some reason the screws I’m trying to put into the studs to hold up the shelves immediately stopped turning and the drill stripped the head so they are worthless. I don’t know if I am trying to use cheap screws and the metal is soft or what but it wasn’t pretty. And I’m not happy. But I am congratulating myself for not throwing the drill on the floor and stomping off. Well, I did stomp off but the drill is safe.

Adorable puppy picture to make me feel better:

So what is going on with the kitchen remodel? I’ve wrestled with a few decisions on kitchen stuff this week. It seems like just when you make a decisions, someone gives you an “absolute” opinion that proves the decision you made is wrong. It’s really frustrating when you are trying to get something done in a project like a kitchen renovation. I’ll only address two of them here:

Ikea cabinets – I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Ikea cabinets because my general contractor sneered at them. I was surprised he did because I know a little about furniture, including knock-down furniture, after working at a consignment store for a number of years. I know the difference between inexpensive and crap. Everything I have read is extremely positive. Including a rave review from a German carpenter. I thought that was a fairly credible source.

I went to Ikea and checked them out again myself. I’m happy with the details of them and feel like they are very good quality for the price point. I don’t live in a high-end home or a high-end neighborhood so all-wood cabinets would be a mistake. Ikea cabinets are very much in the running and I kind of don’t trust my general contractor’s advice now. He was really pushing for the all-wood even after I told him it just wouldn’t be possible. This is a good example of not getting your information from a single source. Research, research, research. Especially when something someone is saying kind of doesn’t jibe with what you have heard previously.

We need another adorable puppy picture:

Laminate flooring – Because it isn’t a big house, it makes sense to have a single flooring through the whole house (with the exception of the bathrooms). I did a little checking around and general consensus is that laminate flooring is fine in the kitchen. You wipe up spills right away but it is much better now than it used to be. I attended a workshop this weekend on how to install laminate flooring and the guy was adamant that laminate flooring is a terrible decision for the kitchen. So I’ve been immersed in research again to see what others are saying. No one else has declared it a terrible choice for a kitchen. The workshop guy told us that if there is a large spill for even only a few hours, the laminate floor would be ruined. I tried to tell him that my tile floor also could not stand that but he didn’t want to hear it. That should have been my first tip off that he wasn’t the most reliable source for information. I’m here to tell you, a tile floor that sits with a significant amount of water for only two hours will also be ruined. As will the cabinets and drywall. I have the pictures to prove it.

This feels like such an unhelpful post that I am going to do a bit of a cheat. When I was getting this site together to launch, I “seeded” it with some posts from my personal blog that I thought were relevant. This post is one of my favorites because it is a cheap, easy, and extremely effective fix turning an inconvenient dresser into very handy shelving solutions. I still have this piece in my living room and it is one of my favorites.

One final adorable picture so that you come away with warm fuzzies. I think this is my way of positive behavioral conditioning (home renovations are cute and adorable, not frustrating and slow).

She actually looks like she could accomplish more than I can. I should make her my new liaison.


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  1. Deb says:

    Do your research, make your decision, and don’t let any “expert” bully you out of it. Trust your own work.

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