What Was My Goal for Love This Space?

Blogging has become so ubiquitous, it is kind of a joke now. I admit that I giggle when hipsters are mocked for taking pictures of their lunch and talking about their blog. Blogs can generate this sense of self-importance that really is an illusion. Our little blog universes are tiny. There is a gigantic world out there that does not read blogs (although that certainly doesn’t seem true when I want to comment on one and 300 people have already commented before me!). When I have to explain them to someone I compare blogs to newspaper columns and the really good bloggers as columnists.

So, realistically, I know how important my blog is; what matters is that it is important to me. This is my place and my hobby. I share publicly because online is a really great place to find like-minded folks and bond a little over common interests or humor. Have you ever read a blogger and loved them instantly? Like I did with Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and The Bloggess. The instant I read one of their posts I wanted to be best friends with them, hug them, pet them, squeeze them, and name them George.

It’s such a gift to have that and get to read them now and then in the middle of a work day (only on break times, I swear!). It picks you up, makes you laugh, touches you. I get really attached to these people because, so often, they are being authentic. That’s really a gift someone gives you. I envy that. I have a hard time doing that in person so writing, for me, is personal growth.  At least the kind of writing I try so hard to produce here.


Hello cheesy selfie in front of my workbench! This doesn’t prove that you know how to really use any of those tools behind you. It also looks like you need to trim your bangs.

During the day, I’m an instructional designer. My career has me creating training material for high-tech corporations. I love it. I don’t know that I would want to leave it to be a professional blogger but I did want to up the ante with blogging and see what else I could do with it. I’ve actually blogged for years (starting on GeoCities in about 1995). I have a personal site, woolberryfarm.com, that I never actively drove traffic to because it’s strictly for me and friends or family. It isn’t really personal; it’s just boring. For me, it was a low-consequence writing exercise.

I wrote my master’s thesis on blogging as a learning tool. This is what I was hoping I could bring to Love This Space. As I learn things or gain knowledge, I wanted to turn that into fun, instructional material. I will create job aids, print outs, find short cuts and tips based on the research I’m doing for myself, and hopefully be a general clearing house for things other people are just learning to do. Love This Space isn’t really about home DIY so much as it is about finding the courage to jump into a project that we are completely unfamiliar with. This is about being afraid to fail and taking that leap anyway. This is about learning so we are all starting on equal ground.

I don’t know what an image for “low-consequence writing exercise” would look like so here’s a cute puppy picture!

I haven’t quite found the right voice yet but it has been really interesting to figure this out and see what resonates with people. I seem to get the most traffic and the most engagement when I struggle publicly with something. If this is what it takes to make a blog successful, I’m golden because I struggle with almost everything.

Be brave people and venture forth! No one is going to slap you if you get it wrong. If they do, you should probably re-think being around them. Because that is really mean. And you deserve better.

And for the record, sometimes I really enjoy seeing those pictures of someone’s lunch.

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5 Responses to What Was My Goal for Love This Space?

  1. Sue says:

    I want those pancakes! Lol!

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      They were delicious! A failed ableskever attempt that made wonderful “cakes.” I paired it with some homemade cherry preserves and loved it!

  2. Ryan says:

    Just popped over from my blog so, hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous photo, I must say.

  3. I started blogging for many of the same reasons. It was a personal learning project for me. Still is, really. And I’m wondering how one gets to be an instructional designer. That sounds like a perfect career for me. Yeah, I’m 48 and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! So glad to have found you–

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      Rita, as an education professional, you’re practically an instructional designer already! I’m in adult education so we focus on how adults learn and retain information. It is much more specific and task-based than general education for children. For example, in school, we get a foundation of English and writing. In the workplace, I create the training that shows them how to open the program they use at work and where to click to accomplish task A. I think it’s fun. 🙂

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