Wait, What are Weekends For?

Sunday nights always take me by surprise. I don’t know why, time is pretty consistent and Sundays always come after Saturdays, so why I would be startled to realize that it was Sunday night and I had to go to work the next day is beyond me.

I suppose it could have something to do with how much I try to cram in every weekend. I tell myself I’m relaxing and I “indulge” by sleeping in (to 7 am!) and lounging in bed reading for a while. I think that because I play a few games of solitaire that I’m relaxing. Then I start to do an inventory of what I’m doing during the day and I realize that I have no idea what true relaxation must be like.

Nearly finished the feet on Grandma’s Mother’s Day socks

This strikes me as funny because I describe myself as basically a lazy person. Every once in a while I have to do an inventory of my day. This may sound strange but I, like most of us, spend a lot of time telling myself I need to do more and that I never do enough. Then I take the time to write down everything I did in a day and I have no problem telling my asshole inner voice to shut up. I’m taking care of business just fine.

So after running errands for the grandparents, taking them to lunch, doing some emergency shopping (I tend to wait until I have no jeans, shoes, or underwear left before I replace them), getting office supplies, picking up dog food, finishing my taxes, and finally finding a curtain rod that may work over my sliding glass door, I managed to nearly finish the fireplace wall.

Fireplace before. You can see the edges are chipped and a big spot front and center had the paint scraped off.

The fireplace took forever to paint. That lumpy, bumpy brick just took a lot of time and patience. I got the last coat on the mantle and the first coat of color on the wall. It is very nearly done. I love the contrast and how sophisticated the gray and white look. This is such a change from how it looked before which tickles me.


Shot on left is fireplace done but wall white. Shot on right is with the gray wall.

So maybe my idea of a relaxing weekend kind of sucks. But the fireplace looks fabulous!

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2 Responses to Wait, What are Weekends For?

  1. Sue says:

    Honestly, I attempted to comment via Android yesterday. It went like this:

    You are totally unclear on the concept of weekend relaxation:

    Saturday, woke at 6am, started a load of laundry. Napped ’til 8. Lunch at 2pm, more napping!
    Sunday, woke at 8am, had breakfast out. Folded some laundry, and saw a blockbuster movie and then had yogurt! Yum!

    Of course, I had a chipped and faded fireplace!

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      Your idea of relaxation sounds lovely. I don’t know if I can snooze that much and still sleep at night though. I am a big fan of staying in PJs all day though.

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