Two Days Left…

I hit my micro-goal last night but I’m not going to bother with a bunch of pictures because it will look like I went from this:

To this:

I know your heart must have skipped a beat at the after photo. My goal was just to finish the walls that needed to be ready for the bookcases. That means I had to caulk and paint the trim. It isn’t a big showy step but, you know, I do love how caulk finishes a project. I did take one picture so you can see how nice the bit that was done (on the left) looks compared to the un-caulked/painted bit (on the right).

I made myself panic yesterday when I imagined a whole scenario where they forgot to deliver my bookcases and the entire project was for naught. Luckily, at 9:30 last night (that is super late for me, I get up early) I received a recorded call that they would be delivering the bookcases today between 1:00 and 5:00. So I’m reassured that at least they will get to me today but I’ll bet you money they don’t come until 5:00pm and I’m up half the night assembling them. My only micro-goal today is to assemble the bookcases; doors and all. That is hardly a micro-goal because it is eight bookcases. They are only the Ikea Billy ones and are super easy to put together but the doors may be trickier. If they are like my kitchen cabinets, they require a little careful carpentry. They are already pretty cheap and it would be so easy to make them cheap looking by hanging doors crookedly.

It would be lovely to take a couple of days off to finish this up and be ready for Saturday but I have some meetings I have to make and some deadlines I can’t miss. Actually, I think it is interesting to see what can be accomplished by someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time for projects around the house. Many of us have so much to do that DIY projects are kind of out of scope. The micro-goal technique actually really works. I stress out a lot less when I know I’m at least hitting those because they will eventually finish up the project. It is much easier for me to focus on those little goals than the whole thing. The whole project just sounds overwhelming. Especially when you are me and inventing a lot of scenarios that haven’t even happened yet.

I forgot to give an update on the greyhound fostering situation. The coordinator came by with a lovely dog. The greyhound was the coordinator’s own dog and not one of the fosters. She was just part of the test to see how Oscar gets along with other dogs. We passed with flying colors, even with the house in a disaster-state. The coordinator is a true dog person and could see the dog blankets were wadded up on the floor because my dogs happily nest with them. She wasn’t worried about all the toys around the room because her dog bounced up to the toy box and checked them out. And the grubby blanket on the couch didn’t faze her because she is used to the muddy paws this time of year. Actually, it was a nice visit and she said to expect a dog soon. So yay! I’ll be a foster-mom to some greyhound baby just off a track (or out of a kennel) and I get to help them adjust to home life. They come to us having no idea what stairs are, how homes and families work, even what mirrors are so it is a lot of fun showing them all this and watching them discover soft beds, toys, treats, and loads of love and cuddles.

This may be just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. Scaloot aka Judy says:

    Just knew you would pass the inspection! Wadded up blankets on the floor, yep! IMO caulk and wood putty are two of the best things to always have on hand. You rock, gl with the bookcases, I’m keeping Mr Murphy busy so he shouldn’t be dropping in on you to ‘help’ 😛

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