Throwing a Party – My Way

I was a handful as a kid. I remember my Mom, in frustration, saying to me, “I hope you have TWINS just like you!” I knew this was bad even then. Even as a little kid I thought, “Uh oh.”

I have a vivid memory when I was about 6-years-old, (and I don’t have many) deciding one day that I really wanted some toys. I worked out that I could get the toys I wanted if people gave me presents. How do you get presents? You have a party.


Me and my brother at HIS birthday party. Look at me lean away to give him his moment. It’s either that or I’m trying to figure out how we got the exact same Dorthy Hamill haircut.

I found some left-over birthday party invitations in my Mom’s room and filled them out. I was careful to include the most important information on the invitation:

“Bring presents”

As an adult, I’m impressed that I figured out enough to pick a Saturday and write the same information on all the invitations and hand out the invitations at school the next day. I did all this and managed not to tip off Mom.

Boy was she surprised when kids started showing up for the party.

I was delighted. Bless my Mom’s heart, I don’t remember her embarrassing me by telling anyone what I had done. Of course, it is entirely possible that nothing embarrassed me at that age. She and a neighbor friend of hers just pulled together some punch and treats and I guess I got to have my party.


I don’t remember anything about the gifts which is what started the whole thing. I’m fairly certain I didn’t get to keep any because Mom would never have let me get away with that but I must have had a good time because I only have pleasant memories of that party.

I have stopped specifying that people should give me presents on invitations but don’t worry, a leopard can’t change her spots entirely. I’m still bossy.


and always groovy.

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