Three Random Things

This has been a long week and I’m already mentally at the weekend. Of course, MY weekend is going to involve packing up half my house and ripping out carpets but, you know, to each his own.

Random Thing #1: I’ve been involved in greyhound rescue for years. Over 20 years ago I met my first greyhound at a meet’n’greet in Arizona. I fell in love with the breed and 5 years later when I was researching dog breeds that would do well in a condo with no yard, greyhounds were recommended so I found a rescue group and went to look at some dogs that had just come off the track. The first dog I met smooshed her whole self into my chest for a hug and I was a goner. Sapphire and I went through a lot together until she was 15 years old and I had to say good-bye.

With her sweet, funny, and loving personality, she was responsible for MANY retired racing greyhounds finding homes and I hope many black dogs finding homes since black dogs have a harder time getting adopted.

Sapphire had a few brushes with fame. We used to do our own Retired Racer Meet’n’Greets when we lived in Pasadena and Wil Wheaton stopped by once while he was shopping at Petsmart and gave Sapphire ear scritches. She liked him right away and really approved of his ear scratching technique. Sapphire was also on the front page of YouTube one day. The front page changes a great deal throughout the day but for a brief moment of time, she was YouTube’s It Girl.

Random Thing #2: I have a great memory for trivial things. I know people joke about that but my family won’t play Trivial Pursuit with me anymore. Personally I think that is a little mean.  The downside to this is that while it’s fun that I can whip out the name of the actors in minor roles of 70s sitcoms, I can’t ever seem to remember anything actually helpful or smart. I read a lot but don’t retain much of what I read. I related very strongly to Ben Stiller’s character in Reality Bites. That almost-remember-but-mostly-not is how I feel like I spend my days. I’m useless for remembering things unless you want to know who sang the 1985 indie hit Bittersweet. (Hoodoo Gurus – I ran into them in London in 1986 and went all fangirl on them).

(The hair! The pegged jeans! The bright shirts! The jangly guitars! They do my heart good on this Friday.)

Random Thing #3: I still have my Hoodoo Gurus albums.


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