Three Days to Go…

I’m feeling pretty good about the progress which I hate to say because I think it is probably a false sense of security. The walls that needed paint, have all the paint. Those are the two walls in the living room that the bookcases will go up against. They had to be cleared of the old shelves, patched, and painted so that the new bookcases can be assembled, put up, and affixed to the wall. The other two walls in here are still green but it is kind of hard to tell the difference unless I point it out so I can come back after Saturday and finish. Three out of four walls done in the family room, three out of four walls done in the dining room, and now two out of four walls done in the living room. I’m seeing a pattern.

It was pretty dark this morning when I was leaving for work. Sorry.

The dining room was kind of a bonus but it was also easier to do because it was just easier to access the walls. All of the gray walls are done. I still need to paint the closet and the accent wall as well as the trim. But the obvious stuff is complete and I really like how it looks. It is a very soothing color. I especially like how it looks around the door. I know the walls had gotten kind of mungy and dinged over there but you just don’t realize how much until you slap a new coat of paint on, step back, and go, “Oh!”

I will be over the moon when I get rid of those louvres. Seriously, I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

The micro-goal for today is calking and painting the floor trim. It would be great if I could get a coat on the window trim, but I have a really long day today and a really early meeting tomorrow so I might be forced into being sensible. Bummer.

The next couple of days get nuts. The new bookshelves are delivered Thursday. I’ll need to get them all assembled (All eight of them. With doors.) and up on Thursday. I don’t even know what time they will be delivered so this could get really interesting. The cleaning crew come in Friday afternoon so everything must be picked up and put away. If I manage to do all that right, then I only have to make all of the food Saturday before people start showing up.

This is doable…right? (please say yes)

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  1. Sue says:

    Are you redecorating for the greyhounds? I heard dogs are colorblind!

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