This Great Garage Clean Up WILL Happen!

Some follow up on the Great Garage Clean Out of 2013…

I’ve been looking at organized garages to get ideas and get inspired. Since I have to over-research things, I thought I could share some of the best of what I find and pull out the nuggets that hit home for me.

Do I keep it or get rid of it? has TONS of information on how to do things. Some are more helpful to me than others but it is a great place to start. This article made this point early in the article that seems obvious but I think I’ll use this in the very beginning when I start removing stuff from the garage.

As I drag it all out to the driveway, it immediately goes in one of three piles:

  • The dumpster for things to throw away
  • The car for things that are being donated
  • The driveway for things that are going back in the garage

What are some organization ideas? I’ve been combing through pictures of garage storage ideas and have gotten some pretty good ideas. The one I like the best is the single mega shelf to stack bins on with things hanging below it. Simple and it looks like it creates way more space for storage than my multi-shelf solution I’ve persisted with and seems to limit me a lot.


I’ve been looking at my project list and determining what needs to get done on Saturday and what can be done on Sunday (and eliminating anything that seemed outside the scope of this project). I’m keeping in mind that by lunch on Sunday I’ll be wiped out so I need to get as much done as possible while I still have fresh momentum and enthusiasm.

This also means I’m doing a few things during the week. This is totally within the rules! I had to order the dumpster this week so I would have it for the weekend. I’ll be making several trips to the donation center so dropping off what was already waiting to go just means one less trip.


  • Hire a dumpster from the garbage company
  • Take things waiting to be donated to the donation sites
  • Pull everything out from the walls
  • Weed out more stuff to be donated (have I even thought about it in 6 months?)
  • Clean off existing shelves of stuff that can be donated and re-organize how they go back to create more room
  • Remove clutter around work bench
  • Sweep everything out thoroughly
  • Paint the garage walls


  • Hang shelves and hooks
  • Put items that are staying back and re-organize how they go back to create more room
  • Organize the work bench so tools are easy to see and access

Do you think we should keep a spider tally? *shudder*

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