Things I’ve Done to Avoid Working

Feel free to do any of these when you are working hard to avoid working.

Submitted photos to Because, sometimes I’m filled with the sudden urgent need for the world to think my pookies are as cute as I know they are.

Housework. That’s when you know it’s bad when I resort to housework, which I hate above all other things, in order to avoid a work task.


Crafts. That is a fabulous way to avoid working. The burning need for customized dominos clearly wins the attention wars.

Cut my own hair.

‘Nuff said.

How about googling ex-boyfriends? We all do this. Mine get to be a real stretch because I’ll start trying to track down that one guy I went out with a few times. I can’t remember his name but he had a Welsh accent. Because the Welsh accent really narrows things down.


Some kind of beauty treatment. I’ll lump all these together because they vary, but it is the same, basic idea. It rarely occurs to me to whiten my teeth until I have to write 2000 words. I put on face masks about once every two years, or when I’m having a hard time creating a graphic that makes engineering requirements gathering interesting. The more attractive I look, the less I’ve gotten done. If I look like a hag, congratulate me, I’ve been productive.

My first duck face selfie.

Oh, you can add taking selfies to the list.

Anyone do anything strange to avoid work?

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One Response to Things I’ve Done to Avoid Working

  1. Sue says:

    I’m a simple girl. It is solitaire for me. While writing my master’s thesis I played alot, alot of games!

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