These are the Days of my Lives

24 hours ago I was feeling like I was never going to get my kitchen back and family members and friends were giving me pep talks. It was a bummer.

Today started out looking like I had some bad karma mojo or something. It seemed so bad it was getting weird. But let me just take you through how this day went (hint: it was AWESOME)

Bad News: Water gushing from a hole in my yard so I had to call in a plumber. That is always a scenario we look forward to. Why does water seem to hate me lately? I’m a water sign!

Good News: The estimates for the kitchen reno work came back and it was good. It was so good that I called my insurance company to verify that it was correct. Yup. This work was going to be covered and I wasn’t going to have to sell a car and two kidneys to get my kitchen back. Great googly moogly that is good news. I genuinely thought I was going to have to do all the work myself last night.

Bad News: The water flooded the pumpkin patch. I was afraid that getting to the leak would require digging it up. The poor pumpkin patch seems jinxed. Last year I got quite a few pumpkins out of it and used them for Halloween decorations but I couldn’t eat any of them because a nest of yellow jackets moved in and the exterminator had to use poison to get rid of them (I did check with a bee person about what to do and he recommended the exterminator).

Note the super-saturated ground around the pumpkin.

Good News: I was able to negotiate a deal so that if I remove the old carpet and moved furniture out of the rooms myself, I can afford a little more flooring for the living room. Hot dog! I can totally handle that and getting that living room included will be huge! It is the first thing you see from the front door, it flows from the dining room and hall and the carpet in there desperately needs to go. Two elderly dogs really took its toll. This was really a need-to-have and not a nice-to-have.

Bad News: The plumber determined that the leak was from the service line. There was a possibility I would have to replace the entire line out to the street. He was also probably going to have to dig up my rose-bush and pumpkin patch. The plants weren’t a huge deal but a new line was going to be expensive.

Most of the rose-bush and a good part of the pumpkin patch. Note the poor baby pumpkin that won’t fulfill its Halloween destiny.

Good News: I got a start date for the work in the kitchen; next Wednesday. Was that too soon for me? Could I have the cabinets empty by then? Heck yeah! I also managed to negotiate another deal where they would install new base trim if I did the painting. I kind of wanted to do my own painting anyway so yay! It looks like I’ve managed to make this a good renovation with smart changes.

Good News: The leak was located and repaired in far less time than anticipated. It was likely caused by an original crappy repair rather than a deteriorating line. The bill was a fraction of what we thought it would be. I only lost part of the pumpkin patch so I may still get to have home-grown pumpkins for Halloween. Huzzah!

Bonus: we found the pipes aren’t buried quite deep enough but just a few inches of soil should take care of that. So glad not to find this out the hard way.

Good News: An opening popped up tomorrow, could the crew start demoing the soffit tomorrow?

Bye bye.

I might have fist pumped a few times today.

Do pumpkins continue to ripen after they are cut? It still looks pretty cool.



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