The Verdict on Clever Titles

Just a quick check in as I’m scrambling about madly on this last day of the kitchen remodel.

The results of my super-scientific experiment on clever post titles? It doesn’t drive in quite the amount of traffic I would have hoped to have but those that were drawn in, really like cookies.

So it ended up being kind of a dirty joke. I’m sorry. If I could pass a cookie through the computer screen, I totally would.

It seems that you all want good titles AND good content. Geez. Talk about expecting it all!

There are still kitchen projects for me to complete but today will wrap up the pros’ part in the project. I’ve been throwing up a few in-progress pics on instagram if you are on there. They are scintillating. Pictures of a microwave. Pictures of a sink. Gripping. You probably can’t handle all the excitement. Follow lovethisspace on there.

I’ll have some “after” shots next week. You kooks have a great weekend!

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One Response to The Verdict on Clever Titles

  1. Sue says:

    I’ll read you, whatever the title!

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