The Stuff in the Middle

All the time, I hear people say that big projects get much messier in the middle when everything is in flux. That has certainly been the case for me and all my projects around the house. The problem is, my middle takes F O R E V E R because I have so much regular life going on. I lost the use of my living room while I worked on the home office which I was pretty patient about until now. I want it back for the holidays. I don’t decorate a lot but I do like to have my dining room and living room sparkly. It makes me happy.

So I made a big push over the last few weeks to get the last of the office crap combed through, disposed of, and put back. There is still some work to be done in there to organize everything and finish getting shelves up on the walls but I hope to do that this weekend. The important thing is, the office crap is out of the living room!

That is not all of the yarn against the wall in this picture. There is an equal amount of yarn on the opposite side of the room too.


There are a few, small piles that I need to deal with (where do I put the pile of old electronics that need to go to the hazardous waste drop?) and there is a crap-ton of yarn still. Seriously. I’m mortified about how that stuff accumulated. I had originally planned on selling it but it looks like such an overwhelming job, I may just donate it and write it off.

This is not even all the yarn in the house. There is more in the guest room and garage. I’m a little gobsmacked myself. The office feels full now too so I’m not even sure where I’ll put the stuff I’m keeping.

I did indulge in a new rug and coffee table for the living room. This is a fairly big deal for me because I tend to stay with the same furniture forever. Apparently I have to do that because all my money goes to yarn. The rug and coffee table were great incentives for pushing to finish the clearing of the living room.

The rug is very different from anything I have and have decorated with before. I have been a bit obsessed with big graphic prints like this for over a year now. My love for them does not seem to be abating and when I saw this rug, I absolutely fell in love with it. When I was first looking at it, it was pretty expensive (it fluctuated between $500 and $800). I kept looking at it (oh no, I just saw it in brown and white and I almost love it more) and coveting it but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend so much on a rug. I have pets (sometimes 5 and 6 dogs at a time when family is visiting). We are very hard on floors and rugs. But finally, I saw the rug go up for sale on another website and it had come way down to about $300 so I decided I couldn’t pass it up. I feel so grown up! And also, why did I spend so much right before Christmas? Idiot!

It’s a pretty good size for a game table.

The coffee table was something I was hemming and hawing about for a while. I knew I wanted something fairly large because the living room space is kind of big and I don’t have a lot of stuff in there. I wanted something two-tiered because I had ideas about keeping games and books on the bottom tier and using the table for games. I love board games. I’ve seen different iterations of this style with different manufacturers and while I kind of liked the rustic/industrial look, it was kind of contrived and so overpriced. Then it popped up all of a sudden at Cost Plus and for a decent price. They had a 20% off sale online so I pulled the trigger and got it for under $200 (but they still let me pick it up at the store saving me shipping charges). This is another big, grown-up expense for me. I’ve always had thrift shop coffee tables which may be why they never quite worked for what I needed them to do.

This has ended up being the exact right size and I love that it is on casters so I can pull the table around where I want it when playing games.

A better shot of the two sides of the room. Tons of yarn, and a small pile of electronics and CDs. I don’t quite know what to do with either of them.

I wonder how everyone in the family would feel about getting a box of yarn for Christmas?

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2 Responses to The Stuff in the Middle

  1. Sue says:

    Just a quick note – I love the rug. Pkin won’t let me get a rug, for fear of kitty hairballs. Bummer!

  2. Ryan says:

    That rug is stunning. Worth every penny. Good on ya’ for making it happen.

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