The Kitchen Continues to Disappear

Even though I had prepared myself for the possibility of losing my cupboards, I was still shocked at the end of the next day when I saw this:

Bottom cabinets gone. The insurance company would like me to try to reuse them but they just don’t look like they handled the removal well. I know the crew was careful but did you know kitchen cabinets are so flimsy? I know there are real-wood cabinets out there but most of them are apparently particle board (especially in a modest little place like mine). No wonder they couldn’t take a little water. It doesn’t seem feasible to try to cobble together the bottom cabinets or even to replace them and try to use the top ones. I think I’m looking at replacing all of them. Which can be huge money.

Man, that is some ugly linoleum. It is also in shockingly great condition. Seriously. It had to have been at least 20 years old when it was covered and it looks new. How very…disappointing.

The linoleum remains because it tested as “hot.” That means asbestos. So a special abatement team will have to come in and remove it.

Standing in the kitchen and looking into the family room there is the other wall of the “containment zone.”

It used to look like this (taken a couple of Halloweens ago):

Now that carpet will need to be replaced too so that room is unusable right now. I know I complained loudly about some of the dated bits of my home so I’m surprised how very sentimental and sad I’m feeling that parts of it are suddenly gone.

There is something strange and vulnerable about seeing the sub-floor. Like my house has been caught in its underwear or something. I’m feeling very protective of it.

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