The Holiday Season is Passing Me By!

It seems like every blog I visit has gorgeous trees, wreathes, garlands, bows, etc. Apparently, blogland isn’t burdened with the same reality I face.

In the great tradition of a true procrastinator, instead of actually doing anything, I compiled a list of reasons I’m not decorated for the holidays:

The tumblefur in my house has become sentient. This means they hide when I get the vacuum out and taunt me when the vacuum is put away and I’m doing something else. This has turned into an epic battle and I’m losing.

Multiplying laundry. I’m pretty sure I don’t have this much stuff in the house to wash so I guess my neighbors are sneaking over in the dead of night and mixing their laundry in with mine. There is no way this is all mine. It never ends. Never. WHO IS WEARING ALL THESE CLOTHES AND USING ALL THESE TOWELS?

Frankie has contributed to the holidays by tearing a hole in his paw. All the way through. He did it the day before Thanksgiving so I got to kick off the holiday season $500 poorer. Huzzah! But the poor baby has been hurting and it has been wet and cold so every time he goes out I have to put a rubber bootie on his foot (made out of an IV bag) and put him on his leash so he won’t get over-excited and run around the yard. We gotta heal up the tear before he can run again. Not only is every potty break a production, but we’ve been to the vet every three days or so to get the wound checked and the foot re-bandaged.

Rest assured, he’s being spoiled as usual. Also, he gets his pain pills and antibiotics in a hotdog which he dearly loves. Pill time is a big event in this house ‘cos everyone gets a piece of hotdog. Maybe this was just Frankie being a good host to his doggie visitors?

It has been a week since Thanksgiving, WHEN WILL ALL THE DISHES BE DONE? I don’t understand how I can STILL being doing dishes from that weekend. It’s inconceivable. And it does mean what I think it means.

The guest room isn’t cleaning itself. This is really irritating. I had to strip the bed, wash the sheets and towels and now there it sits. Mocking me. Waiting for ME to put it all back together. Sheesh.

The day job. They still expect me to work. Don’t they know I need to be putting glitter on things, staging stuff, and blogging about it? Man. Unreasonable.

Oh, and you may have noticed a little thing in front of the keyboard. Yes, that is a wee knitting project. I’ve had some slightly frustrating review meetings and this keeps me cool, calm, and focused. This is the advantage of working from home occasionally. I can resort to slightly meditative exercises to get me through. It works. Trust me. This will be a simple dishcloth. It is comfort knitting. The mac and cheese of the yarn world.

I’m still moving things back into the house. This has been made all the more urgent by a cold snap that covers the car in frost and means it takes me 20 minutes to go anywhere in the morning. I’d really like to get the car back in the garage again. I don’t know why it has been so hard to find a home for things that were in here a few months ago. The games, for instance. I resorted to getting a new, little bookcase for them in the living room. I don’t think this is where they will reside in the end. I have a better idea that involves a lovely, big, double-tiered coffee table that I’ve yet to find. In the meantime, they are here in the newly dubbed, “game corner.”

I did pick up a few poinsettia for the holidays. This is a challenge because Scarlet Kitty likes to eat all plants and poinsettia are poisonous to animals. I have this great stand that allows me to put the pretty poinsettia out of her reach. You’d better revel in the plants though because they are the only sign the holidays are approaching this household.

Game of Sequence anyone? We can ignore all our other chores together.

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2 Responses to The Holiday Season is Passing Me By!

  1. Kathy says:

    Odd question, but what brand/model is your stackable w/dryer? I am so bummed looking at the horrible prices of these front loaders, but it would be such an improvement in my space to have stackable.
    Thanks. Love to read your blog, you are funny, real. Keep up the good work.

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      They are Frigidaire. They seem to be pretty good. I’ll admit, I did not research brands. I just went in and got the best priced one that was a name brand I recognized. I shudder to think what I’ll find if I look at Consumer Reports.

      You’re right though, the front loaders are outrageously priced. If I had the luxury of waiting, I would have waited to see what went on sale at the end of the year. Some retail establishments need to make sure they reduce floor inventory so they don’t have to pay taxes on it.

      Also, I think it is hilarious that my stove is Maytag and my washer/dryer is Frigidaire. I’m easily amused though.

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