The Great Office Makeover – Update

I didn’t mean to hit and run like I did with that last post. My experience with the student loan people is unbelievably frustrating and worrying but I’m tenacious and will figure out how to get this fixed. It worries me though that a lot of people have more respect for these kinds of institutions and let themselves be led down a path that will hurt them in the end.

So back to the office which really occupies more of my time and energy.

Office closet before…

It’s been a really busy week with some heavy deadlines and a conference out-of-town so the work I get to do on the office has been moments here and there. The painting is nearly done. I just need to put on the last coat of gray.

Office closet today

All the trim is done and it felt like it took forever! That brown has been very persistent. I primed everything and they take at least three coats. The door has taken a fourth because some weird yellow spots keep bleeding through.

Door trim done looking through to a door in the “old” style. That is the brown I’m combating throughout the house

I spent Saturday going around to various flooring stores and the big hardware stores trying to find something that would work. Anything I liked was not kept in stock and had to be ordered which wasn’t exactly working to plan. I wanted some kind of easy peel and stick vinyl tiles but everything seemed to be a faux something or other: faux marble, faux stone, faux wood. But they all looked so faux and just didn’t seem like a good choice for a bedroom. I don’t know why they bother trying to look like something else. I’d be fine with just squares of color and then I could do some kind of monochromatic pattern. Marmoleum seemed to be the only option that just had squares of color but they are quite a bit more expensive than I wanted.

Before: wall partially done, trim partly primed

So Saturday was fruitless in finding the flooring which means I couldn’t put anything down which was what the project plan dictated. I’ll probably just go back to the store and get more of the flooring I put in the kitchen and continue it in the office. The price is right and it matches.

Trim done, wall waiting for second coat of gray

Which means the office will not be done for Easter which was the hope. Everything piled on the dining table just got piled in the living room. It isn’t the end of the world. It would have been fun to be able to point and say, “done!” but I’ll still be happy with the new office and certainly happier with a reduced pace to finish. I was starting to get a little wild-eyed and exhausted.

So I’m focused on making a nice Easter for the family and then I’ll turn back to the office and take the time I want to make all the changes I think are needed. Especially when it comes to getting a rid of most of the stuff so it doesn’t go back in the room. Since it’s a small room that provides a lot of function, I’ll have to get creative.

When I painted the window sill, I knew it was probably just a matter of time before my work was inspected


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  1. Sue says:

    Have a wonderful Easter!

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