The Great Office Makeover – Nearly Half Way

That is a scary prospect as all I can seem to see is what isn’t done. This is exactly why I like to keep lists to remind myself of how much I have finished so I don’t get discouraged and momentum fizzles.

The painting didn’t get finished but I had built in some extra days for that so a little slippage is probably OK.

The closet holes got patched and all these walls and trim have been primed.

I’ll be cutting in and getting the first coat of color on the walls tonight. It isn’t a big room at all but my knee is bothering me so standing on tippy toe hurts really bad and a lot of standing also hurts. This slows the painting down but I just “tortoise through” as I keep saying to people. I just take a lot of little micro-breaks by sitting down, gently flexing my knee, and a few minutes later, I get back to it. It seems like this would bring things to a grinding halt but I’m finding that it just extends things a little and I’m not exhausted and sore at the end so it isn’t a bad system.

Some of the “help” I had this weekend

I don’t have any idea what I’m going to do for the floor which is a little worrisome. The subfloor was in much better condition than I thought it would be which is a relief because the builders used approximately two thousand staples per board so getting them up was going to be a challenge. I just need to make a decision about what I want to put down and then buy it. And then install it.

That’s all.

Thank goodness for being able to order a ham for Easter dinner. I’ve reserved ours and am delegating a few dishes out to family members. That should help a lot with the actual food. I might need to splurge and bring in a cleaning crew for general cleaning up. The tumble fur is threatening to become sentient again and unless they are going to start helping with the laundry and dishes, they must go.

Monday: clean out closet

Tuesday: remove desk

Wednesday: demo closet

Thursday: repair holes in closet

Friday: replace shelves, paint closet door, remove shelves

Weekend: remove carpet, replace sub-floor, paint room

Monday: paint window trim

Tuesday: paint trim, paint room

Wednesday: finish painting closet door, finish painting trim

Thursday: finish painting room

Friday: cut baseboard trim

Weekend: lay new floor, replace base board

Monday: paint desk

Tuesday: paint desk, paint trim

Wednesday: finish painting desk, replace shelves, hang new closet bar

Thursday: hang new blinds

Friday: replace stuff

Saturday: clean house

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