The Good and The Bad

The Good: This Christmas the adults didn’t exchange gifts. Other than the odd stocking stuffer or two, we just decided that we don’t need anything and it’s been a financially tight year for all of us so we agreed to not buy anything for each other. This ended up being an amazing decision. In addition to helping the wallet (a LOT), the reduction in stress and time/energy was surprising to all of us.

The Bad: It’s a good thing we did this because my garage door opener is failing. It only opens about every third time the button is pushed and stuff is hanging down from it on the ceiling of the garage.


The Good: I wrapped up a contract and am starting a new job which gave me two glorious weeks to finish up some projects around the house.

The Bad: I didn’t do anything. Unless you count endless games of solitaire and catching up on Warehouse 13 as productive tasks. I’m guessing you don’t. I keep thinking, “Oh, I needed to take it easy after such a busy fall and holiday season” but at some point I need to just admit I’m not the kind of person who is productive when given the opportunity.

The Good: I finished a bunch of dish cloths for my brother as requested. I love them.

The Bad: I love them. I don’t want to send them off. I keep petting the stack every time I walk by. I wonder if he remembers he asked for some?

The Good: I have access to a good gym at work now so I’m stoked to get back to regular workouts. The job I was consulting on over the last 6 months required me to go into the office early enough that I couldn’t get swimming in and then with the kitchen reno, every weekend was chock-a-block full of work.

The Bad: I fell into the habit of sleeping in a little and then, because of the holidays and my time off, I’ve had 5 weeks to totally screw up my sleep schedule. Can we start the day at 10 am now because that would really work well for me.


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