The Best Memories are the Simple Ones

I grew up in Arizona but oddly, my favorite memories are around rain.

There was nothing more wonderful than getting out of school when it was raining and seeing my Mom there to pick us up. Even better, she would always have our dog, Trixie, who was beyond thrilled to see us. Getting picked up was a treat because we normally walked to and from school. Turning that corner and seeing our pickle green ’72 Chevy Blazer was like a surprise party. I don’t know why it was so exciting and fun. It must have been Mom acting excited to see us and making it an event but it still makes me smile when I think of rainy school days.


I don’t have a picture of our old Blazer but this could be it! Picture courtesy to

My other happy memory with rain also involves the Blazer. I guess that was a pretty important car in our lives.

My brothers had paper routes (back in the day when kids could still have them) and when it rained, we would all pile into the Blazer with the back tailgate down, the window up, serving as something of a cover from the rain, and three pairs of legs dangling over the edge of the tailgate. All three of us kids and Mom would do the paper route with music blasting. I remember happily singing (at the top of our lungs) CCR’s Have You Ever Seen the Rain.

To this day, even in our middle age, me and my brothers will hear this song, smile, and sing along. Sometimes at the top of our lungs.

I see parents freaking out about doing this and that for their kids and yet, it’s those simple things, that seem to make the nicest memories. I should have written this post for Mother’s Day since I realize now, she was the architect of those good moments.

Thanks Mom.

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