The Agony of Paint

This is the lamest post ever but I’m in a conundrum and I honestly can’t focus on anything else. I’m hoping the power of the blog will help talk me down.

I’ve picked out the kitchen cabinets, selected the counter, pulled the trigger on the floor, and I’m pretty confident I know what I’ll go with for the backsplash.


I’m in analysis paralysis hell with the wall colors. I don’t know why I’m so stymied with this. Paint is one of the easiest things to change. I should just have fun with this but I’m waffling all over the place. I’m really starting to annoy myself.

The kitchen is supposed to be installed Monday which means I need to paint this weekend so it’s time for me to make a decision once and for all. I went to the paint store, selected some candidates and painted big swatches on the walls to see how they looked.

I looked at some lighter colors that were a little yellow. They are pretty but they are so close to what I have now and I really wanted something very different. I want a change and I’m already a little embarrassed my cabinets and counter are so similar to what came out of the kitchen.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to two candidates. I’d share pictures with you but it was a dark day today so the only available light is artificial light which changes images of the colors completely.

The two candidates are:


Sherwin Williams Breezy

This is really pretty with the wood. I love blue and have always wanted blue walls somewhere. It is kind of dark which I was avoiding because this room gets so little natural light. But I was thinking that if I worked on the lighting solution I could have a darker color in here. After all, I have light walls now and that didn’t fix the lighting situation which just means I was going to have to do something anyway.


Sherwin Williams Silvermist

This seems to be the most likely contender. It is a bluish, grayish, green. It is neutral enough that I think it provides some flexibility. I really like the color. Mom votes for it.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: I lived with these colors on the walls, and while I really love the colors, I’m thinking they may be better somewhere else. I started looking at what goes in my kitchen and family room and there is a lot of color. The artwork is colorful, I have Turkish tiles, Polish pottery, colorful fabrics (to hide dog fur) and a lot of it is already blue and green. So maybe what I need is a backdrop for the color I already have? And maybe I just need to admit that the original color was pretty good.

I think this has a skootch more green in it than what is on the walls but it is pretty and neutral. And bonus? The paint name. For that alone I should use it.


Sherwin Williams Wool Skein

I’m off to get a sample right now to try it out.

Even though I was really careful with the RGB numbers here, I notice that the colors vary wildly from what they actually are so if you are intereted, you can see the colors represented very well on these Pinterest pages:

Wool Skein –

Breezy –

Silvermist –


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5 Responses to The Agony of Paint

  1. Sue says:

    Breezy looks like is has nicer blue tones. But, honestly, I think white is the best wall color. I really do. But my hand me down chicken is yellow.

  2. Amy says:

    I think Breezy is the least trendy of the two. You won’t need to update as quickly. But, both will coordinate fantastically with all those sunflowers you’re sure to accessorize with.

  3. Kathy says:

    I saw your comment over on YHL and responded to you. I have the same problem with choosing and then actually liking a paint color, so I like to pass along ones that work when I can. That said, I have just found and used and love Sherwin Williams Pavillion Beige. I know, boring beige, but it’s not. It’s grayish, beigyish, with a lot of movement and depth. A “real” color, but not too dark, and not overpowering. Would be a great backdrop for your colorful stuff. ANYway…. hope it helps.

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