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The more I read decorating and design sites the more I realize there is no right or wrong and what is fabulous to one person is hideous to another. I spent too much time reading these sites looking for ideas and inspiration only to second-guess all my own opinions and decisions and then be completely confused when another site contradicted the first site.

That’s the good news though! That means that sticking to what you love when decorating your space is the only right answer.

I agonized over my decision to keep wood-finish cabinets for my kitchen but after living with them for a few months, I’m absolutely certain it was the right decision for me and for this space. I wish I had spared myself all the energy I expended trying to make decisions based on some style or rules.

The more design decisions I’m making for the rest of the house, the more I know it won’t follow popular design I see across the blogosphere. I’m OK with that. So rather than share just the specifics of design decisions, I’ll share the reasoning behind the decisions so if you are going through a similar project, hopefully you’ll find it helps keep you off the merry-go-round I’ve gotten stuck on before.

I prefer comfort in my home. I like everyone to feel like they can relax with a cup of coffee or tea and read or cuddle one of the animals. Interestingly enough, they do feel that way. I love that I find visitors curled up on my couch with a throw and that they start their own secret stash of their favorite coffee in my pantry.

Coffee and booze. I’m still going to take that as a compliment.

To me, comfort starts in the home with texture. I’m tactile and feel like surfaces that are nice to touch make everyone more comfortable. Chenilles, nubby fabrics, soft wools.

I feel like I’m all over the place color-wise but when I look around, my palette is pretty muted. Plums, browns, greens, blues with a pop of red, black, orange, and teal here and there. No real rhyme or reason. I likes what I likes. It also means that the atmosphere is very calm, sedate, but encourages people to look at things up close. They notice the rock with the crocheted cozy, the book titles in my bookcase, and the family photos I have all over the place.

My style is also pretty sedate which strikes me as funny because I adore art nouveau and I have such a thing for damask, it is ridiculous. In the end though, I need things to be easy because I’m busy and not a fan of upkeep and dusting so I have a smattering of the style I like but mostly, I have function and comfort over form.


It’s true, if I had more money, I’d probably have a fancier looking house but I don’t like fussy. It comes back to people being able to put their shoes on the furniture and snarf tacos on the couch while watching Doctor Who. I want to be comfortable while I live here, not just produce gorgeous photos for my blog.

Living room before the carpet was taken out. I knew the room wasn’t “done” but it was always a comfy room.

I find the things I end up loving the best in my home are the things I impulsively bought (or made or was given) because I had a strong love for them right away. Things I think about for a while generally don’t end up being my favorite or even working really well.

A beautiful little plate my aunt brought me from Bulgaria. I can’t stop petting it.

In the end, it’s fine to look for inspiration, but be true to what works best for you. Your home should function first and then make you happy.

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