Sucked into the Office Vortex

Hello my chickens. I didn’t mean to go silent on you. I’ve been down with a bad cold and I’m trying to suck it up and still meet all my obligations and save the cold-mending for the weekend but that isn’t going quite as planned.

Oregon got her annual two or three days of snow which has been very festive and a little stressful in times of crises. The crises being that a family member dropped off the grid and refused to pick up the phone or respond to emails. It got scary enough that I was digging the car out and about to go check up on them myself when they finally called.

The Narnia street light helps mark where the sidewalk is.

I was so relieved that I burst into tears right there in the driveway which confused the heck out of the miscreant. Hopefully, we’ve all learned a lesson here. CALL YOUR FAMILY! They care probably more than you know.

I’ve also suffered a minor disaster in the office. First, I spent all morning on the phone with work IT trying to figure out why I couldn’t get online. This isn’t what you want to be doing while you are supposed to be online working. Finally we determined that my home service was what was slow. Two people later, they pushed some button at their end (they changed the channel if you are curious) and I’m back in business.

Kind of a pit to begin with.

Until one of my bookshelves started falling apart. Just now. Shelves started falling and everything has tumbled. The shelves won’t go back in because, apparently, the bookcase itself is falling apart. So I’m hoping it will hold on until I’m done working today and I can begin the MASSIVE chore of getting this fixed.

One of the shelves is just sitting on the books below it as I try to make do for a few hours.

Of course, a part of fixing it will be getting rid of a lot of crap. I don’t need all this, but I cling to it for some reason. I think my weekend activity has been determined. It wasn’t quite what I wanted to do.

Some of the mess that was formerly on the shelves.

I wanted to stay in bed, reading, to get over my cold.

Just in case you couldn’t tell how bad it actually is.

Now I’m just going to go have a pity party and see if I can get myself excited, at all, about an office makeover.

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  1. Sue says:

    Sounds like sucked in to the sick-y-ness vortex. Take care. It’s a bad cold and flu season! BTW, Happy Birthday Month!

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