Stepping Back for a Better Look

I did it. I got through Easter. I kept things as simple as possible and focused on the company rather than the trimmings and it was really nice. The meal was simple, what could be done ahead of time, was, and nothing fussy was allowed. It was delicious, we had a nice visit, and yes, everyone noticed that my living room was completely full of crap. It made for a great conversation starter.

Living room pit-of-despair

However, I’ve found that you can direct attention with good food. What living room?

Dining room reclaimed for eatin’

I did find that this time not working on the office, not thinking about the office, and not looking at the office, gave me some fresher eyes. I think I’d like the walls to be a few shades lighter and I still have time to make that change easily.

I’m giving myself a break though. I’m exhausted and I need to pick up the basics that have fallen along the way. Like laundry and the floors (which are so hairy and dusty it looks like I’m trying to grow new carpet).

Pausing mid-way on a project like this is a good way to evaluate my decisions when I’m not whipped up in a planning frenzy. I might have to build something like this in on big projects in the future. I’ll call it the “Stop and Breath.”

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2 Responses to Stepping Back for a Better Look

  1. Sue says:

    What a lovely dining room! My Easter was a little the same. Put junk that was on dining room table on to the floor in the living room. It worked for me!

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