Stay Away

What a yucky Monday. I woke up with a cold that clearly was picked up at the festival this weekend. I’m a terrible sick person. I get really crabby and just want to be left alone. If someone makes the mistake to be around me when I’m sick, I just get grumpy that they can’t read my mind and bring me ginger ale when I want it. There is the logical side of me that realizes that is unfair which is why I prefer to not have anyone around. You’re welcome.

The things I hate about being sick:

Things leak. Seriously. We’re like automobiles. Anytime something isn’t functioning right, it seems like there is a fluid leak somewhere. It gives a fabulous dimension to being ill. Not feeling well AND grossing ourselves out. I remember once I had a horrible case of food poisoning and sobbing in my bathroom saying, “I’m so gross” which just made me cry more.

It’s so HARD to do things. All I need is a cup of soup but the thought of getting up, finding soup, warming it up, and bringing it to bed is just too much. I’d rather be hungry.

All I want to do is sleep but sleep is hard. Why is sleep hard when you don’t feel good? If I take cold medicine, I sleep hard but have a lot of weird dreams so I don’t actually feel all that rested. If I don’t take cold medicine, I sleep better but still very lightly so I still dream a lot. This is about when I start to hate my bed.

Have I mentioned I’m a crabby sick person yet?

Since no one is going to bring me a ginger ale, I think I’ll just take some cold medicine and have weird dreams.

I don’t recommend calling me. I’m crabby.



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One Response to Stay Away

  1. Sue says:

    Sending ginger ale in spirit. Hope you feel less bad tomorrow! The pookies send their healing fur!

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