Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I’ve not abandoned things here, I swear. Life is moving at a painstakingly slow pace as I heal so it just feels like there is little to share. “Worked for an hour. Took a nap. Painted the baseboard trim. Took a 2-hour nap. Worked for 3 hours. Laid down for a while.”

Not to be judgy, but I’m not sure that’s interesting reading.

So many little things have added up these past weeks (like the tumblefur!) that I think it will behoove me to just bring in some cleaning help so I’m not playing catch up for the next month and a half.

The office remains my focus because I use it all the time. The baseboard is ready to be installed. I’ve been working on reducing the crap going back in. The best description is “pecking” at the hill of stuff. I’ve set up a little system for myself that keeps progress progressing. I try to sit down as often as possible and just get a garbage bag full to throw away and then I can quit. It is both incentive to throw things away and it keeps the task doable in the middle of a busy, regular life. At this point, the big barrier to overcome is getting that baseboard in so I can put together the new shelves and start putting away things that I’m keeping.

No boss, the baseboard is still not there.

Maybe I’ll get this weekend to do it. I haven’t had a weekend to myself in ages. The grandparent drama is on the upswing right now. They are both 96 and the aging stuff is very prominent in all of our lives as change seems to be constantly required to keep things safe for them. The very latest is admitting to ourselves that they can’t go to doctor appointments by themselves because they just don’t have the cognitive abilities anymore to understand and retain what they are being told. This is a tough commitment for anyone in the family. The best solution we have come up with so far is to set an appointment day (or two if needed) once a month and try to schedule multiple appointments on that day so that one of us only has to take one day off. If anyone else has had to deal with this in their family and found something that works for them, let me know. This stuff is tricky to work out and not let it take over everything.

While I was stuck being “quiet” I read a LOT. No hardship there. I love reading and it feels like a luxury most of the time so I was super excited to have an excuse to just read constantly. I got hooked on a weird genre: murder mysteries set in the 20s with a upper-class female detective. It seems to be the combination of the social changes in the 20s and the social situation of upper-class women that I find so interesting. I went through two series (Her Royal Spyness and the Daisy Dalrymple series) that are very light and easy to consume. The popcorn of literature. When I finished these up, I couldn’t find a series that replaced them. There are a lot of murder mysteries set in the 20s but it is the upper-class female perspective that I was finding interesting; the limited freedom of a woman of that class as well as the huge social changes happening with a large middle class and women’s roles and expectations changing dramatically. I started reading biographies of women who were in service at that time “downstairs” which was interesting, but I wanted to learn more about the upper-class. I’m still craving that so I’m looking around for more. I get on these binges of subject matter and I can’t get enough. I did this with the Tudor period, the Elizabethan period, and Victorian steampunk, etc.

In between books, I’m taming wild beasts.

Anyone else getting any reading done this summer?


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6 Responses to Slow and Steady Wins the Race

  1. Amy says:

    My reading is much heavier, Viktor Henkle’s “Man’s Search for Meaning.” I’m switching gears by reading fantasy/horror-type stories compiled by Neil Gaiman.

  2. Sue says:

    I like diaries of little events. Have you read the Diary of Samuel Pepys?

  3. Ryan says:

    Have you read any of the Maisie Dobbs books? Female detective story set after World War I. Good books. Not life-changing but still worth a read.

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      That sounds exactly perfect! Thank goodness I won’t be required to change my genre in the middle of a groove.

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