Slideshow of Dogs and Other Nonsense

I don’t even know how to properly catch up so I’ll just give you some snapshots of what has been going on at Casa de Drew:

There have been foster greyhounds. So many dogs coming out of Kansas and Tucson and it seems like our group is taking in new batches of dogs every week or so! I’ve tried to help out by fostering and it’s been fun as well as sometimes challenging.

First there was Yadi. She was a very sweet, 7-year-old brood. She had been having puppies and now retired from that. Lovely girl who went to a wonderful home.

She was very confused by living in a house. She had been living in the kennel environment for 7 years and was worried about the house. She didn’t like that I fed everyone in the same room and she never understood what treats were so she wouldn’t take them from me. She was only with me a couple of weeks. She was just starting to understand dog beds (before that, she would find a nook under the counter or behind the door) because she had been kenneled for so long. She was also just starting to enjoy toys so I made sure I sent her off to her new home with the toy she liked and a blanket she had used here so she knew she would be safe in the new home. She is going to be loved to pieces by her new human.

Then there was Fire. I confess, it was really hard to let Fire go. I did tell them that if her new home didn’t work out that I would like to adopt her. She went to a great home though so I know she is going to be spoiled to death and she and her new human will love each other to pieces.

It may be kind of hard to tell but Fire is the supermodel of greyhounds. Absolutely gorgeous. She and Coco got along great but I would look at Fire, slender, petite, perfect features, even eye makeup, and then I would look at Coco who is big for a female, quite hairy for a greyhound, very large feet for a greyhound, and think, “I get you Coco. Most of us are you.”

Coco sunbathing

Even when Fire cockroached, she somehow looked graceful.

Coco, not so much.

Coco falling asleep in the middle of cleaning herself. She just snoozed like that with her leg on her head.

But they really were great pals and it was hard to let Fire go. Coco missed her.

The latest is Willi. He is a lovely gentle soul that seems to be a total klutz. I think he may have some vision problems because he can’t just observe something, he has to get right into it and smell it, nudge it, bump it, etc. He is always shoving me out of the way to see something first. But so sweet and kind that I took his muzzle off pretty quickly.

Coco and Willi’s first meeting. She was trying to get him to play. You can see he is a big boy and totally ripped because he is in racing shape.

We got Mom moved out of her house and found some stuff I’d done as a kid. I present…Self Portrait, 5-years-old.

We’re going to ignore the green stuff on the nose. It’s abstract art. Don’t look too hard at it.

Despite my complete neglect, my roses are blooming like crazy with flowers the size of my face. Which is pretty big.

I tried to spoil Mom on Mother’s Day weekend but, oddly, that somehow meant we were in a tavern at 10am one day. Well, the best laid plans…

The tavern isn’t actually empty, I just thought other patrons wouldn’t appreciate being on an obscure blog that is mostly about dogs and failed home projects.

Things, in general, are good though. Everyone is healthy and happy and when we fail, it is relatively minor. That is all we can ask, right?

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2 Responses to Slideshow of Dogs and Other Nonsense

  1. barb brownlee says:

    okay, i just may be in love with your coco- what a charming girl she is-

    you have my deepest admiration for your work fostering the dogs- much merit acquired-


  2. Jackie says:

    Love the dog posts. We rescue also. currently miniature dachshunds.

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