Seasides and Hand-Crafted Goodies

A minor adventure this weekend to Astoria and their Wine and Seafood festival. I had intended to take pictures inside the festival to share the goodness you find but it was crowded and crowds make me agitated. I can’t stand being surrounded by that many people and my knee pain didn’t make me any more patient.

I managed to power through it enough to acquire the most amazing jar of truffle chocolate, some hand-made vinegar shrubs, and a bag made from re-purposed materials such as coffee bags. This would make me a hipster if I was thinner and dressed better. (I’m sharing the links because these are all seriously awesome. I scored, big time!)

I was able to break out the camera later though to grab some shots of the Oregon/Washington coast. Shockingly, it was a gray, drizzly day but I love it like that.

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