Home Office Remodel

UPDATED: 7/6/15 – Here are the posts about the home office remodel in somewhat of a chronological order (the first post about remodeling the home office being at the top of the list):

Sucked into the Office Vortex

Real Life

Culling Through the Stuff

Hang On, It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride

Day 3 – The Great Office Makeover

First Epic Weekend of the Great Office Makeover

The Great Office Makeover – Nearly Half Way

Color on Walls!

The Great Office Makeover – Update

Stepping Back for a Better Look

Getting Over the Hump

Office Painting Done

A Good Saturday

Office Flooring

Building up the Nerve

Weird Outlets

I See Baseboards

It’s the Little Things 

So, What’s Going on with the Home Office?

Overwhelmed Finishing Projects

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