Repair Complete, Now We Talk Replacing

Thursday, the abatement team took out the gorgeous linoleum. However, the heaters, fans, and de-humidifiers were still here. The incessant noise was really starting to grate. I could go back in my room and shut my door and they was just a hum but it was hum that had been going on 24/7 for four days. I was starting to feel a little on edge. I don’t know what the poor dogs must have felt. I could at least leave for hours on on end when I went to work.

I was so relieved Friday when the restoration crew leader came by to check on how things were drying out and determined things were dry enough to remove all the equipment. The containtment zone plastic came down, fans, heaters, and de-humidifiers were turned off and taken away. My house is quiet and peaceful again if not a little naked. I can’t believe that 5 days ago I had a working kitchen here. It’s a blank slate so I’m trying to stay positive and dive into the selection process but it’s a lot of work!

It’s funny what you find out when your perspective is turned in it’s ear. I didn’t realize that my kitchen window was lined up with the kitchen entry. This window is much more of a central feature than I ever realized. I’d better add creating an interesting visual vignette with that window for the revamped kitchen reveal.

I’m starting to compile the list of everything that I’ll need to do to finish this kitchen. There is no way to get through this project if I think of it as a whole. It’s overwhelming. I need to break it down into more manageable chunks. I’m sure this list will grow as we go along. I’m trying to as much of this project myself to make the insurance money go farther.

  • Empty the upper cabinets
  • Remove the upper cabinets
  • Empty the family room
  • Pull out the carpet and pad in the family room
  • Fix wonky outlet
  • Clean/vacuum the family room sub-floor

I’ll have to break this down into phases as well as tasks. These tasks are only the preparation phase before I make some decisions and schedule the replacement of the cabinets. These have to go in before the floors because they need to sit on the sub-floor; the new floor will go around the cabinets. This next week is going to be a long one of meeting people as they measure spaces and prepare their bids. I’m lucky I have a friend who just went through this so I’ll compile her lessons learned and share them here with you.

The dogs and kitty are enjoying the sub-floor. It must smell mysterious. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.


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  1. Amy says:

    What a big task! Looking forward to the updates.

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