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Every weekend I intend to get a bunch of projects done and then be able to share them here. I’m not doing the projects for the blog, I’m doing them because they need to be done but it’s nice to reflect on the projects and get some photographs. It really helps me keep track of what I’ve done, how much I’ve managed to finish and not just focus on only the To Dos that are left.

So every weekend feels like it is full of possibility and I’m excited to work on things. But it seems like so many weekends end up just like this weekend.

Let me share. My office has suffered greatly this year. It really became a dumping ground as the rest of the house was chaotic. It is quite a small space and quickly became an ugly mess. Then, one of the bookshelves started falling apart so two shelves came crashing down and left me with this:

I was all wedged up in a small clearing at my desk trying to get things done but the space was just unworkable. It’s sad really. Plus, I need to get my taxes done but I’m afraid half the paperwork I need is mixed up in the piles.

The closet in the office has long been due for a major overhaul. Not only is it chock-a-block full of stuff, Scarlet Kitty loves to crawl around in there knocking things down and making it generally impossible to even get things out.

I lucked out Sunday and a friend was over who worked like a trojan and got most everything cleared out of the room while I lay under the desk trying to untangle cords. Seriously, what do they all go to?

I really would like to empty everything out and pull up the carpet though. It’s gross and I was so happy to get the other rooms carpet-free. I’m turning this project into a much bigger project than it should be which means it won’t be finished in forever. How long can I delay my taxes?

This was disappointing when I knew I had to write something up so I tried to finish up my red box. I sanded off the sloppy damask on the lid, sanded down some spots and put a few new coats of red on. I did find a proper plastic stencil,

I even got the proper stencil brush thinking everything would help.

Sadly, none of this helped. I have another wonky damask.


Stick around for more thrilling adventures of a closet with less stuff in it and malformed crafts.

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