Random Notes about the Kitchen Project

There are some things about the remodel project that are too random to actually include in a single post. Putting them all together in list format actually seems to capture the chaos…

I don’t know when it happened but at some point during the week of all the activity, I noticed the guest bathroom rug had been draped over the shower curtain. I don’t use this bathroom so I don’t know when it was done. When I investigated, I found the rug had urine all over it. The dogs have been out-of-town all week so it must have been one of the workmen.

Someone did what?

There was so much wood cuttin’ going on that week, that my car has a layer of sawdust on it. My car. That was parked at the curb in front of the house.

I took all of the base trim that had been pulled off the walls and sat down in front of a Sherlock marathon to pull out the nails, wood putty the holes and sand them smooth. When I went to buy a few new pieces to replace the ones that didn’t survive the demo, I found I could get all new base trim for a little over $75. Oops. Should have done my homework before that one. I was not “working smart.”

The day before I had to rip out my carpets I got bored and painted my nails. After two days of hard work, the nails were barely chipped. I have no explanation except that life loves for me to look ridiculous. What better way to do this than by giving me long, dark purple nails with sparklies while I’m  sweaty, dirty, and carrying carpet around.

I wish I’d gone with lighter cabinets.

I wish I had gone with an under-mounted sink.

I lost a few inches with my kitchen. It is about 4 inches smaller. This bugs me.

Right before my washer died all over my floor, my vacuum broke. My dishwasher is on its way out too. Someone, somewhere is laughing at me.

The guy who installed my trim did such a beautiful job around my front entry step it brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. To see that level of care in a detail in my home,  made me very, very happy.

I no longer have to live with someone else’s “good enough.”

Across the board, things I thought would be inexpensive, weren’t and things I thought would be expensive, weren’t. I spent more on paint for my kitchen than all of the new base trim for over half the house.

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3 Responses to Random Notes about the Kitchen Project

  1. Sue says:

    Peed on your rug?!? OMG! Yucky! Love the nails by the way. I did my toes in black, and my Mom HATES, HATES then!

  2. Krysten says:

    I hate doing my nails right before I get started doing something else. It’s like I’m not meant to have nice nails or something.

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