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It’s been a really busy week and I seem to just be dragging myself home, wolfing down food, falling asleep, waking up and dragging myself to work. So you get the equivalent of grunts from me. I’m like that grumpy teenager you have stomping through your house only I’m old and do my own laundry.

I can’t craft anything more than random snippets so prepare for wordy whiplash…

I’ve been so tired when I drag myself home that I’ve only had the energy to make hotdogs for dinner. Every night this week. I eat terrible when I get busy and by terrible I mean I eat the same thing for every meal. I finally grabbed some ground turkey from the freezer so I can throw a chili together before I go to work tomorrow. Then I’ll eat that for every meal this weekend. I need to marry a chef. Anyone know any funny, tall chefs in the Portland area that like curvy red heads?

must love dogs

I’ve gotten nothing done on the home office project. I had hoped to at least empty out the closet but I’ve worked late and early with about an hour of “leisure” time before I go to sleep. Disappointing. I had hoped to pull up carpet this weekend.

I actually only had one early meeting this week. Today. Which I showed up for yesterday. Yay. At least I got a great parking space two days in a row. Because no one else was there.

My birthday was Monday. I was totally in the mood for birthday shenanigans a couple weeks ago but not so much on Monday. I reserve the right to start up shenanigans later though. I’m a big believer in stretching the birthday as long as needed until it feels thoroughly celebrated. I did take my annual birthday selfie. 47 doesn’t look so bad.

My wireless router was acting up so my cable company talked me into using the wireless signal that comes with their modem. Turns out it isn’t powerful enough to boost a signal to the other end of the house. My smallish ranch house. When I called them, they said I would need to buy a signal booster. They are running a bunch of national commercials right now trying to show that they are so technically advanced that the Star Trek crew is impressed. I’m thinking…no. I’ll be going back to my 7-year-old router thankyouverymuch.

I need shoes and I hate buying shoes. I’ve never understood the myth that women love shoes more than life itself. Shoe shopping is a horror. I like to find my one pair and wear them until they fall apart. It annoys me that I have to have a brown and a black pair. Why? Why can’t I just wear shoes and not match stuff like my purse. Oh wait, you match your purse to stuff too? Oh god.

I don’t think Liam Neeson should be doing action films anymore. He just looks so darn tired in them. Can’t we get him a nice rom com or something? He seems like such a nice man. I wonder if he can cook…

I saw my Grandpa the other weekend. He is worried about my brother who just moved to the Oregon area. He’s afraid that Doug will make friends with people who will talk him into dealing drugs. My middle-aged brother who has never done or been around anyone like that. He’s an IT geek who gets crazy by buying computer components and building electronic things. His friends do the same thing. Their idea of partying is a multi-player video game. But it’s sweet my Grandpa worries.


Man that sweet and sour shrimp sure looks better than hot dogs.


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