Random Catch Up

I have had a bunch of odd-time conference calls for work (like 5am!) so it’s been hard to keep my regular writing schedule up. I have another one tomorrow morning so today is kind of a drive-by posting of randomness.

Random bit #1:

A new washer and dryer were procured this weekend so I am back in the clean clothes business! My big change for my washer/dryer nook was to move from a side-by-side set to a stacking set and make the other half of the nook a pantry. I’ve been extremely pleased with this change. It has worked out beautifully. Even the delivery guy who was setting up the washer looked at the nook and said, “that makes a lot more sense than a side-by-side and no storage.” Thank you, I thought so too.

Plus the added bonus of having a super handy place for the vacuum which needs to be used more often with wood floors. The tumble-fur is so much more obvious now the carpet is gone.

Random bit #2:

I bought the washer/dryer at a place that has really good prices on appliances but I haven’t had good luck with their installation services. The first time they delivered my new refrigerator, they came up with a bunch of excuses for why they couldn’t install it. As I discussed it with them, their excuses fell flat (I hadn’t intended to argue with them, they just ended up having no logic behind their reasons so they couldn’t explain anything and realized they were caught). They didn’t do a great job though, the refrigerator door has never hung right and when I asked if they could switch the side the door opened, they told me that couldn’t be done. I knew they weren’t being truthful with me but when someone lies flat-out to your face like that, you have to decide if you are going to confront them. I had just won the battle of even getting them to install it so I let it go (I shouldn’t have because I’m still mad about that lie).

It’s been 6 years so I tried the same company hoping it would be different (they really have good prices!) and as soon as the guy walked in he started finding reasons why he couldn’t install the washer/dryer. He said he was concerned about the dryer venting where it was (where it has always vented, where his company vented the last set). He felt like the dryer vent could ignite the insulation in the floor. They wanted to just drop the washer and dryer off in the garage but I asked them to please install them anyway and I would follow-up on the venting. As soon as they were gone I went to Home Depot, grabbed someone who had a background in this kind of thing and explained the situation. His immediate response was, “Someone didn’t want to install them, these weren’t our guys, were they?”

So the end result was I was able to do the work the delivery guys didn’t want to do and I’ll never go back there. So disappointing.

The dryer used to be on the right so the vent now needs to span across the pantry a little. It isn’t too bad.

Random bit #3:

There was plenty of space for the washer/dryer. In fact, I keep looking at this bit above them and thinking I should be doing something with it. I’m addicted to utilizing space! And I’m creating a home that is really unfair to someone under 6′.

Random bit #4:

I’m changing the handles on the bi-fold doors to the nook. The one on the top is the old one. It seemed really dated until I took it off and looked at it carefully. It’s actually really cute. I’ll put it somewhere else where it can show off a little. The one on the bottom is what I got to replace the old ones. The scale is much more appropriate to the door and the style is updated and clean. I’m still considering picking up some cute, fun ones when I see them just for a tiny little pop of interest.

Random bit #5:

I’m going to paint the bit of trim and the bi-fold doors gray so they just blend in with the walls. I was going to paint them white because they are already white but then I realized there really wasn’t any reason to make them pop and feature them. The room will flow and put the focus on more interesting things than a washer/dryer nook.

Random bit #6:

I need to do something about the furniture situation in the living room. I got rid of one chair, moved the other to the family room, and don’t want to use the wood chest I was using as a coffee table before. This means the living room looks quite bare and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just put back the chest and chair until I have replacements. For me, this isn’t an easy decision so I frequently stand here and stare, waiting for inspiration.

Random bit #7:

I’ve gotten some Halloween decorating done. I at least got out my hags which are some of my favorite Halloween things. I swear, every year I get the best Halloween stuff at Big Lots.

Random bit #8:

I desperately need to get back to the linen closet project that was abandoned when work on the kitchen finally started. It not only looks terrible, I can’t find anything I need.

Random bit #9:

By accident, I found that some of my trim was not actually attached to the wall. I’ve told the contractors (who want me to sign a certificate of completion) because I think they should do it but I’m so sick of dealing with them I’m tempted to finish this myself just so I won’t have to deal with them anymore. What do you think?


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6 Responses to Random Catch Up

  1. Sue says:

    So many thoughts. Love you nook! Hate my full size machines! Am curious as heck about what all this cost!

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      Well, there is what it cost, and what it cost me. I think I got ripped off by my contractor so what I’ve ended up paying should not be what someone else pays. That is a whole different story and regardless of what happens, I don’t come out any richer so I’m just trying to move on and be happy that it’s over.

      I can tell you that all the cabinets, counter, sink, and faucet are Ikea and cost around $5000. I did get a lot of counter with a 12″ overhang on the other side for a breakfast bar. I bought this during their twice yearly sale so I got 20% off which helped me swing the extra counter. The laminate flooring was very reasonably priced at $1.95 sq/ft.

      I built all the cabinets to save some money plus I did a lot of demo and I’m doing all the painting. I also have ended up doing a lot of little things like install outlets and light fixtures and I’ll be the one installing the backsplash so that has helped costs a lot. Plus, I think I do a better job than when I pay someone to do it!

      The pantry was built by me using all material I already had in the garage so technically it cost me $0. The washer/dryer was on sale for about $600 each which is pretty good based on the research I’ve been doing. They are both full size (I have to be able to wash bedding and comforters with all the dogs) but the machines have just gotten SO much better in recent years! This set is much smaller than my side-by-side set.

  2. Scaloot says:

    laundry nook looks good – and the the painted doors will be fantastic. Now on to the contractor… have you paid him to install the trim? Is the bill going to be adjusted if you sign off and diy? Maybe some ‘ratings & reviews’ might make them more cooperative… just my thoughts

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      The trim is included in the bill. I don’t know how we would remove this charge though since it is literally, one small piece. It’s probably going to be a matter of which battle I want to pick with them. I’m so tired of all the little things I’ve had to do behind them.

      I don’t know if the ratings and reviews matter to them. I noticed that their Angie’s List rating is an F already! Wish I’d seen that before…

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