Progress…On Weird Things

Well, you’ll be relieved to hear I finally got the box the way I want it. I sprayed it with an ultra-glossy top coat which gave it that enameled look I wanted. Even this wasn’t shiny enough though. It is currently drying in the garage with another coat. I just need to line this and I think I’ve figured out how I’ll use the box so it finally has a purpose.

I did finally clean the microwave too so rest assured, my entire, filthy life wasn’t put on hold for this stupid, glossy box. That I can’t stop petting.

It has taken me forever to obtain decent hardware for the curtains over the sliding glass door. Have you ever noticed how many of these parts are plastic? Crummy, cheap plastic at that. I had to hunt down metal brackets and then seek out a curtain rod thick enough not to be bowed by the weight of the curtain (even with a center bracket). Just when I thought I finally had it, I unpacked it from the box tonight and found one of the end finials snapped off. Because it’s plastic. Seriously, this is ridiculous!

I could share a picture of some broken pieces of plastic or the pretty curtain fabric.

I finished the fireplace just in time. I need to get the screen back up because Scarlet Kitty has spent this whole time trying to figure out how to get up the chimney. I don’t doubt she would have eventually figured it out too.

I think this is what she is planning to do to the birdies outside once she breaks out of this joint

I updated the project list for the family room and the kitchen and it is a little depressing how much more there is to do. No wonder some people do this full-time. However, this is a good method of keeping track of the little jobs since I really only have the time and energy for bite-sized projects most of the time. The bite-size projects do add up. Slowly.


Family Room:

  • Paint trim and backdoor
  • Replace sliding glass door curtains
  • Patch nail holes
  • Caulk around baseboards
  • Caulk around doors and fireplace
  • Paint walls
  • Replace weather-stripping on back door
  • Paint fireplace and mantle
  • Replace doorbell unit
  • Replace/Fix pantry doors
  • Paint pantry doors
  • Solve laundry supply storage problem
  • Dye sofa covers
  • Replace dog beds
  • Sew new dog bed covers
  • Shelving on either side of fireplace
  • Wall treatment over fireplace?
  • Rug
  • Wood holder
  • Paint TV cabinet
  • Re-upholster smaller arm-chair
  • Replace kitty door
  • Update light switches
  • Ensure all outlets are matching white
  • Update the overhead fan
  • Install lighting
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  1. Jackie says:

    We used conduit instead of curtain rods. End caps are chair caps. 3 brackets for each “rod” all metal from the hardware store. All are longer then 8 feet, with one 10 feet.

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