Parade of Homes

I love to attend the annual NW Natural Parade of Homes for many reasons. One of them being that it is like getting a peek in someone else’s home. We get to look in the closet, check out how big the refrigerator is, and scrutinize the wall colors. I’ve been known to take pictures of details I love and that inspire me. It doesn’t mean it is something I will run back to my current house and do but it may be something that I try in the future. I don’t want to share any spoilers for this year so I’ll just share some inspiration from a few years ago.

I absolutely loved this door. This little detail of the tongue and groove in the panels with the dark, simple hardware is the kind of detail you might not notice at first but really creates a finished picture. I would love to have doors like this in the future.

This beautiful, monochromatic tile in the shower really struck my fancy. I love the pebble tile detail without creating too much “statement” in the tile work. I love pebble tile. I’m flirting with an idea for it in a bathroom makeover at some point. This would be a great addition.

While we are looking at the shower, I love this open-weave shower curtain. I love texture, especially in a small space that limits my use of color, and this is such a great way of pulling in a little texture. I’m absolutely doing this in the bathroom.

I love this detail for a bench. I need to redo my deck someday. This would act as a barrier, extra seating, and the planters brings some visual interest the the whole thing. Fantastic.

I love this for window inserts in kitchen cupboards. It adds visual interest, lightens the cabinet but is also opaque so you don’t see all my dishes stacked up willy nilly. Staged rooms always have beautiful dishes behind the glass cabinet doors but realistically, I think we all have too much crammed in our cabinets for every day use and I’m not anxious to show it off.

These just made me laugh. They made me think of Monty Python.

At the end of the day, I got some good ideas for flooring. A lot of what I saw isn’t feasible for my modest little house but it was still nice to see the lovely homes. This is a fun activity to kill a few hours in the morning.

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