Overwhelmed Finishing Projects

There isn’t much to catch up. I haven’t done any thing of interest or note in a while. It’s all just maintenance right now. Work is busy and there are reorganizations (as there always are) which increases meetings and calls so that sucks up a lot of energy. I’m stalled on a few things around the house because I don’t want to deal with them. It just doesn’t seem like fun which is kind of stupid because having these hang over my head is REALLY not fun so dealing with them would be the answer. But why be logical, right?

For example, my office. I had some momentum and then it kind of petered out. I had to hustle to empty out my living room so that I could have visitors again and things did not get put back. In fact, the whole step of painting and rehanging shelves so stuff could get put back did not happen. Now the mess sits around my desk marinating. Making me grumpy. I hate disorganization. My desk at work is always neat. But I get overwhelmed when there is so much to do. I need to just break it up into little doable chunks. It is the only thing that works for me. Instead, my desk looks like this:

Let’s examine a little closer:

As annoying as I find this, it is nothing with how grumpy this makes me:

The last two boxes to unpack.

When I was a little kid and had to clean my room (which always looked like a tornado had gone through. No exaggeration.) I made up a game. I would draw an aerial view of my room on my Play Skool chalkboard, draw a grid across the whole room, and number each grid.

You can make your grid as small or large as you want. Depending on how much work you have.

The blue shapes are the big furniture pieces that don’t move. You can make your grid as small or large as you want. Depending on how much work you have.

Then I write the numbers out on a piece of paper and cut each one out so I had a little pile of squares with a number on it. I would put those squares into a cup or something, shake it up, and draw one. That was the grid square I would clean. Only that one. I wasn’t allowed to go over the border. I also wasn’t allowed to just put everything from one grid square into another. As I completed a grid square, I could erase it (or color it out). That was the reward. I swear, that game was the only thing that got me through cleaning up my room. I think I’ll have to do the same thing with this office.

I used to be embarrassed about that elaborate game just to clean a room. Later I learned that being overwhelmed by a large project with multiple tasks is quite common. Some of us can only see everything that needs to be done and have trouble prioritizing the tasks. We become unproductive by trying to do everything at once and getting discouraged when we don’t see progress. So, weirdly, I came up with a great coping mechanism. I still do this when I’m having a hard time getting a chore kicked off. I may do multiple rooms if I need to scour the house or I may make a list of things I need to do such as:

  • Pack suitcase
  • Wash jeans
  • Clean out car

And then pull those out of the cup. The original grid is my favorite though. It’s the one that always works.

The foster greyhound situation keeps moving. The last foster I shared with you was Willie who was adorable but a handful.

This wasn’t after a bath or anything, he just liked hanging out in the shower.

Willie went to a great home and they immediately gave me Blackjack. Who is a puppy. It’s quite unusual to get puppies into the adoption groups but not unheard of. Blackjack is 10 months old so he is about full height but hasn’t filled out completely. He also doesn’t seem to know how big he is or where all his corners are. I imagine he grew faster than he could comprehend, as some of us do.

We haven’t told him he is too big to be a lap dog.

The gang gets along really well so he’s basically been pretty easy. Other than normal puppy stuff. “Don’t chew the table leg! Don’t chew the power cords! Don’t chew the futon! etc.”

Coming back from the beach. He was comfortable enough to “cockroach” in the back of the car. I wonder what it looked like to the cars behind us?

He has a new home waiting for him and he’ll go to it Thursday. I’ve asked for a break in fostering so that I have a chance to get my knee surgery and hopefully get rid of my pain and limp. I’m so tired of it and it really has kept me from doing easy things around the house like finish painting the trim.

I’ll miss this guy though. He is beyond adorable!

He has somehow trained me to feed him in bed.

Working it


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3 Responses to Overwhelmed Finishing Projects

  1. Scaloot aka Judy says:

    just a few omg’s today – LOGICAL??? You have a broad vocabulary lol I too suffer from the “my lists have lists” syndrome as I stare at 7 unfinished things in a square yard of space. Trying to not have to fire up the compressor for three tiny nails so I can call this done, but waiting until I have enough to justify that few minutes it takes to get things out and operating. Or do I want to open up that paint again, mess up and clean the brush/roller for just that little bit? May just adopt your grid system, brilliant!

    Love your young foster – I know those eyes and that look. So glad he has trained you well as his servant!

    Hope you can get the knee thing done soon and heal even sooner – It is so nice when the body cooperates with the minds ideas of what needs to be done.

  2. Sue says:

    It’s great to catch up with you. Love the pookies.

    Sending healthy vibes for knee! They do really good things these days. XXOOXX!

  3. Vicki says:

    Paid bills — scan them so you have copies available then shred them.

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