Office Painting Done

Well, the walls at least. I loved how the Knitting Needle gray looked but it seemed a little dark for that small room. I picked out a light, light blue instead. Sherwin Williams Icicle. It is very light but you can still see the blue (especially with the white trim as contrast) and it is a very cool color but it is so bright and really looks nice.

You can see the contrast between the shades when the color first goes on the wall.

A couple of family members popped in today and just powered through finishing it up. It was very sweet actually. I think my slow progress was driving them nuts.

I did purchase the flooring for the room and got some names of good installers. I’ll see if I can set that up quickly. I just need to get through the long slog of painting the closet doors. These brown doors take 3 to 4 coats so it just takes a long time to get first one side done, and then the other. I keep moving forward. One little step at a time but that is how you get big projects like this done when you have other things going on.


It’s hard to tell a difference in these two shots but you can see the shot on the right is more blue.

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3 Responses to Office Painting Done

  1. Brandi says:

    I know you are sooooo happy to be done painting the walls. I love Sherwin Williams paint. You chose a great color!

  2. kg says:

    Nice Color! I love to paint, just not overly fond of the prep and the clean up. I bet it feels like you’ve turned a corner in that room with that pretty paint on the wall!

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