New Flooring Goes In

The flooring seems to have brought the most finished look to the project. As soon as this started going in I could see a potential end. There is still a ton to do on my end for those finishing details, but that is the fun stuff. This big stuff, the cabinets, floors, clean up, etc. has been the tough stuff.

As usual, Inspector Scarlet is on duty. She never slacks off, people. Ever. And yes, that is my refrigerator up on the entry step. It makes entering through the front door interesting.

I can already see all the art in these rooms will be rotated and changed.

I scored all new trim for the rooms for less than $150. It is a very simple profile but I think it fits the simple style I have in this house. I have to paint it all tonight which is why this is a short post. I have much to do for the finish line.

including hanging the doors on the cabinets so they start looking, and functioning, like cabinets.

This weekend I’ll get to start moving back in but I won’t unload everything. I’d like to at least get the rooms painted and change out the window coverings. Those are simple things that will have a big impact. I feel like I’m finally making this place mine. It feels great, but it’s exhausting. Why can’t I just pee in the corners like the dogs do?


I’m also removing the shelves from this room and replacing them with a wall of glass fronted bookcases. It is a more formal look but the room is big enough to accommodate it and I have a lot of books that need a home.

I’ll be so glad to get rid of those louvre blinds. I’ve always hated them because they remind me of apartments (which aren’t bad, but you are stuck with what they give you).

This was my inspiration room. She has a lovely blog. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should spend some time there.

The kitchen won’t be done until October 8. That is when the counter will be installed and when they install that, they can install the sink and the appliances. I am throwing a big ‘ole dinner party in honor of the new kitchen! Or I may just curl up and sleep for a few days. We’ll see what sounds the most inviting at the time.

UPDATE: I don’t seem to have provided details on the flooring. It is an inexpensive laminate. Bourbon Street, LOBSLPCEFX in Flaxen. The Flaxen is slightly more gray than red but it is still a warm finish. Just not really red. I’ve had it in for over five months now and it is holding up really well.


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