New Abodes

Today we move my grandparents from an independent-living apartment to an assisted-living apartment. This is actually something I’m really happy about as I’ve been worried about them in their current apartment. Grandpa is getting so frail physically and his eyesight is terrible (How terrible? So bad that if my 6’4″ linebacker of a brother holds still, my Grandpa doesn’t see him. My Grandpa has turned into a velociraptor). My Grandmother is more frequently confused. They used to make a pretty good team but they just don’t make up for each other’s weaknesses like they used to.

The new place will be able to provide more care and medical supervision but they still get to have a lovely little apartment. We are doing our best to move everything over and keep things in the same places with the same organization. Anything we can do to lessen the confusion.

While they do look forward to the new place (actually, all their buddies have already made this move so they have a built-in clique), it has been hard for them to hand over the entire project to us. I mean, how would you feel having someone else go through your drawers and closet and make decisions about what stays and goes. It sucks. It sucks for us too.

I wouldn’t say they have realistic ideas about how things should go. You do your best to respect them and be kind and they try to ignore the fact that you are throwing away two years worth of Vermont Country Store catalogs even thought they haven’t gone through them yet.

My and my brother a gazillion years ago. This is how my grandparents still see us and yet they handed over their home to us anyway. Also, did you notice we have the same hair style?

Everything is packed and ready to go. This morning, the movers will show up and start taking everything over. I’ve opted to be in the new place to start unpacking as quickly as possible to get things settled in. I can’t wait actually. I can’t wait to make it as nice as possible and to create a homey environment for them.

So think good thought for my grandparents. They’ll be good sports about it all but I know it’s hard. I can’t even imagine letting someone else do this with your life and they are being pretty nice about it all.

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2 Responses to New Abodes

  1. Sue says:

    Am sending “Happy Move” vibes! They look great!

  2. Amy D. says:

    Sending lots of good thoughts to all of you. Moves like this are never easy — for the ones who need to be moved, or the ones doing the moving.

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