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You guys, you guys, you guys! I don’t cook often and when I do, I consider simplicity and easiness of paramount importance. I made the BEST pot roast last week and I have to share because it checks all the boxes. Except for the box that makes it Weight Watcher friendly. But honestly, when it tastes this good, who cares?

I had seen recipes for Mississippi Pot Roast floating around. It looked so weird that I knew I had to try it. Mom was coming into town and she is my favorite Guinea pig so I gave it a go. All you do is sprinkle a packet of Au Jus and a packet of Ranch Dressing on top of the pot roast. Sprinkle around some pepperoncinis (I used chopped pepperoncinis instead of whole because I didn’t know what they heck they are. I still kind of don’t). Don’t skip the pepperonchinis. I can’t take spicy food but these don’t make it spicy, it just makes it very flavorful. I erred on the side of less but next time I won’t be afraid to do more. Top the whole thing off with a stick of butter.

That’s right. a stick of butter. It sounded kind of gross (I’m not a huge butter fan) but I also knew it was probably just there to act as a fat to break down the meat. Sure enough, it melted almost right away and the pot roast just simmered in it.

The gravy this creates is so flavorful, you can serve it with mashed potatoes but I saw a recipe for crock pot Parmesan risotto and wanted to try that. It ended up being a great pairing because the risotto was actually kind of strong so you didn’t want to have a lot of gravy. This reduced the butter consumption. After I refrigerated the left overs, the butter separated and solidified at the top of the dish (it actually looked just like butter again). I just popped it all off and threw it away. It had already done its job and everything tasted wonderful. This made me feel a little better about cooking with a whole stick of butter. You aren’t actually consuming a whole stick of butter.

The risotto turned out wonderful too and it is also a super easy recipe so I highly recommend it.

Both of these were so good my mom went back for thirds. She was uncomfortably full but couldn’t stop standing over the crock pot and eating a little more. I hope she doesn’t read this post.

What else am I making? Well, since I’ve gotten control of the yarn stash, I can knit again!

A friend at work is pregnant so I started a baby blanket. I noticed her phone case is a chevron pattern so I thought it would be fun to do a chevron baby blanket. This is such a fun pattern. I love how it looks but it is already getting to that point where I can’t wad it up in a little bag and haul it around everywhere. I’m just using up some left over Lion Brand Microfiber (it’s discontinued). It makes a super soft fabric that is kind of a pain to knit with (it’s multi-stranded like embroidery floss) but it is totally machine washable/dryable so it is perfect for leaky babies (is there any other kind of baby?).

It feels like I haven’t been able to make stuff for a really long time so I was really happy this weekend, eatin’ pot roast and knittin’ chevron.

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7 Responses to Making Stuff

  1. Your chevron looks great and I’m terribly sorry for your loss. Well done on the yarn thinning!!!!

  2. Sue says:

    Made the roast, with half the butter. Yum!!!

  3. Susan says:

    I think I’m going to have to try that pot roast recipe. It really sounds different (and delicious!) Your choice of colors for the blanket is spot on. It’s really stunning.

  4. Sue says:

    Oh Oh Oh! I’m making it again. The roast will be ready, with a full stick of butter, when we return from Super Bowl festivities. BTW, I almost burned down the house the first time.

    I store the crock pot with paper towels between the heating element and the crock pot. Last time. As I put the together the ingredients very close to 6 AM, I neglected to remove the “storage tinder.” OMG!

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      I’m envious. That would be a lovely Sunday evening meal. I resolve to have it again next weekend. Hopefully it will rain again making it perfect pot roast weather.

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