Making Plans

I don’t generally do the resolutions thing. New Year’s has never been a milestone for me. My birthday is always when I tend to reflect on the year behind and ahead. Yesterday though, was a nice quiet day for me and I ended up putting some thought into what I’d like to accomplish this next year.

Lucky you. I’m sharing them with you here. Whoo hoo!

Write more

I’ve been working really hard to make Love This Space a regular part of my routine. It’s been about six months and I’d like to keep up not just the number of posts but find the time and energy to improve the content. Every once in a while I write something I’m really pleased with. I’d like to increase that number and find my voice. I see many blogs kind of like a newspaper column. They can have great, entertaining content. That’s what I’d like to be creating.

Completely gut the office

This is supposed to be my productive space and it has ended up being a catch-all and it really is interfering with my work and with my general efficiency. I don’t have enough hours in the day to include finding paperwork I’ve lost on my desk or searching, yet again, for the right cord for something. I also want to get more writing done ahead of time so I have a bank of good content for when busy days take over everything else. I’ve got to get my arms around this room.

This is only a picture of the closet. Picture this kind of chaos and mess through the entire room. Horrors.

Finish the linen closet

I’ve got to get my arms around this. Reallocating contents and cleaning up what is kept here. This has been a huge hassle from the beginning and more so while it is torn up.

Improve outdoor spaces

I’ve really been wanting to do some work in my back yard and I’ve avoided it because it is such a big job. If I break these big jobs into smaller jobs, I’ll at least make a LITTLE progress and that’s better than nothing!

This was a terrible picture of the room but it was actually a pretty good picture of the back porch.

Get my arms around my finances

This means having an actual savings account rather than an account that is named savings but is tapped out every month. This also means knowing exactly how much is going out each month and cutting down on some things that I’ve just avoided rather than dealing with. I may be taking over my grandparents’ finances so it is a great excuse to get myself in order and have some kind of cushion.

I’m not going to look farther out than this. These are big enough and important enough that I need to focus on them and they can easily take a year. If I find any good resources, I’ll share (especially the finances one, that always seems to resonate with people)

If you have any good resources, share them here! I love to hear about new ideas, programs, books, etc. for this kind of stuff.

Anyone else have any plans for the year? How are you going to try to accomplish them?

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