Kitchen Remodel – How is it Holding Up?

There has a been a ton of traffic on my kitchen posts lately. It seems like there may be a lot of folks doing their kitchens or thinking about doing their kitchen. So let’s look at my kitchen 10 months later. How are things holding up and what would I do differently?

I grabbed candid shots this morning because part of evaluating the changes in my home is how livable those changes are. The kitchen set up has been very livable and pretty easy to keep tidy. I just made breakfast and pulled out a couple things to do today (measure a table I’d like to replace, new hinge dampners to put on some cabinets that didn’t get them, etc.) so this kitchen is in mid-work and it doesn’t look too bad. Also, aren’t the gray walls and white trim nice? I still really like how it looks.

The new pantry plays a big part in making my kitchen more productive. If I didn’t have this, I would be struggling with the same storage issues that I had before. New cabinets alone couldn’t have fixed those. Originally I thought I might come back with some deeper shelves but I don’t think I will now. These have provided plenty of space and they aren’t deep enough for things to get pushed towards the back and forgotten. If you are curious about the depth of my shelves, I can see that they are three wine bottles deep. Perfect.

Both of my corner cabinets have these pull outs and I love them. They are so jam-packed full of stuff but really easy to access. Things like tupperware and pots and pans that are numerous and that I need to access all the time are kind of tricky to store. These were a great solution for me. They continue to work perfectly too.

The garbage pull out was kind of a last-minute-we-have-some-space-so-let’s-try-this solution and I love it. I wouldn’t have gotten it if we hadn’t had some random space we needed to fill. I have two small drawers in there but you can eliminate these and have a taller trash can. The pull out is deep enough that I have the garbage bags in the back. It’s super easy to use when you have hands full of stuff and when I need to empty the garbage. Another nice thing about this dedicated trash can space is that the space under the sink isn’t too crowded anymore and it’s easy to grab any cleaning stuff I may need.

I think my favorite feature are the deep drawers. These store a ton, always move smoothly, and make everything easy to see and access.

I wish I had not put in any regular cabinets. Drawers rule. The bottom cabinets are deep so things get shoved back and are hard to see and access. What was I thinking? I put a cabinet there because a cabinet had been there before. Because Ikea’s cabinetry is so modular, I may see if they have drawer units this size and change this out. This has no organization and I have already forgotten what is in the back.

The top cabinets are great. They are bright, easy to access, and hold a ton of stuff.

Love the counter tops. They are so pretty, wipe up easily, hide schmutz when I don’t wipe it up and are probably still my favorite. The quartz doesn’t require any sealing, it doesn’t stain (and I’ve tested it! Hello beet juice.) and hasn’t scratched or chipped.

The washer and dryer have held up great and I do use the heck out of them. They are going all the time. I am still gun shy about running the washer when I’m not in the room (what kicked off the kitchen redo in the first place).

The cabinet surfaces look great (and I’m not very good about wiping them down) the dampners are a really nice touch (they keep the doors and drawers from slamming shut), and the counter has held up perfectly. It’s been a stellar kitchen. The verdict is: I’ll do Ikea again!

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  1. Sue says:

    I should stop buying shoes and invest in Ikea cabinets.

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