Kitchen Assembled

After making everyone crazy, including myself, trying to select a paint color for the kitchen; I bit the bullet and moved forward in the next big step of the kitchen reassembly.

I hemmed and hawed and never was happy with the options I was looking at. I finally decided to look at some colors I hadn’t even considered possible and almost immediately found the color that made me happy.


I was sure I couldn’t go with gray because Oregon’s sky palette is gray for so much of the year. I thought it would just bring the crummy weather inside. I have seen so many rooms in gray that I loved that I thought I would just try a sample to see how it looked. I selected a nice, light, neutral gray and laughed when I saw it was called Knitting Needles. (If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m a Knitter. I capitalized the word because that’s how much I love knitting. I have an entire room pretty much over-taken with yarn. It’s a serious habit.)

Knitting Needles ended up being the perfect gray. It is light, bright, and neutral. In some natural light there is just a hint of blue and in other lights there is a hint of putty. I love it. I also love it because it is so different from what was in the kitchen before. I really wanted to make a big change.

Knitting Needles. It’s a dark room so it’s really hard to get decent pictures but this is about as close as I can get.

By the way, the other color I fell in love with was Wool Skein. I will be using it elsewhere in the house.

The tool that was the star of the project was this little guy:

It isn’t angled like everyone recommends for cutting in but the way you naturally hold it puts it at an angle so it works brilliantly and the grip meant I didn’t have to clutch it quite so tightly.

I had started the cutting in with a big, unwieldy brush that really hurt my hand as I held onto it. I bought it because it was on sale and it was just a mistake. The newly patched walls soaked up the primer like crazy. I found myself on a step stool with that giant brush making very little progress. I could load up the brush and then only make it about an inch before I needed more. Ugh. It was going to take forever.

When I went back to the paint store I got a small roller for rough surfaces and some Frog tape. I taped off the ceiling and tried cutting in with the roller. It looked like it was working well with the primer but when I put on the gray and then pulled off the tape, I saw this:

Ah nuts

The roller was great because it held a lot of paint but it also pushed the paint under the tape. On one of the gazillion trips to the paint store I picked up the little brush with that nice rubber grip to cut in around the windows, pipes, etc. and it worked beautifully. I wish I had used something like that from the start. I was always going to have to paint the ceiling eventually but now I’m left with that slight disappointment when you have to redo something instead of just being finished.

Once we got the color on the walls, we had to jump in to assemble the kitchen cabinets. They are supposed to be installed Monday so I had to have everything ready. Fortunately, I love putting together Ikea furniture. It’s like grown up legos to me so I really enjoyed that part of the weekend. It is a little disappointing that the best thing to do is hang just the boxes and do the doors later. They don’t look like cabinets but it is the most important step in getting them done. I’ll put the doors on later as well as all the pull outs.

The bones of the new kitchen

This week should be crazy with progress. I may be resorted to just pictures as I scramble every night to get things done. I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

Fingers crossed that by this time next week, I’m moving some things back in the house.

This passes inspection

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  1. Sue says:

    I will be so excited to see the final kitchen. Take lots, lots of pictures!

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