It’s the Little Things

I could also title this “The Joy of Caulking.” That doesn’t mean I love to caulk, but I love the results. Caulking is not at all sexy and not something you would ever known was done in one of those fancy, staged rooms. However, I think it is a critical piece in “finishing” a room. It is the kind of thing you don’t notice if it is done, but you do notice if it isn’t done.

I think one of the most dramatic results was my door frame. This really confronted everyone who went out the door. I caulk around the baseboard and the door trim but this was really in-your-face. The left side is what it looked like before and the right side is after a quick bead of caulk. It took about 10 minutes and a tube of caulk costs about $3 to $5. A tube will cover several average-sized rooms so this is highly affordable giving us a lot of bang for our buck.


My windows are going to be tricky though. The gap around the window trim is way bigger than a bead of caulk can fill. I’m researching how this can be filled but I’m thinking there is likely some kind insulating fill that I can stuff in the crack and then caulk over that. I can’t believe that this isn’t making my heating/cooling less efficient.

And, as usual, I was well supervised. Here for your “awww” of the day, Scarlet Kitty playing with a Q-Tip. She’s blurry because she never holds still.


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7 Responses to It’s the Little Things

  1. Sue says:

    That is amazing. What a change!

  2. Scaloot says:

    Caulk is amazing stuff, using lots of it here and there. There is a caulk backing you can fill those big gaps with, looks like gray foam rope. Find it near the door sweeps and other ‘insulating’ things for doors and windows at hardware store. Cheap and there are other uses for it too. Use a non-sharp pokey tool to stuff it in the crack, then caulk. (Screw drivers are in the sharp category for this stuff, swizzle sticks are good though!)

  3. Sue says:

    It’s been a while – hope the small stuff is still very small! All my love!

  4. As soon as we moved into our new house, my husband proceeded to caulk EVERYTHING! To the point where I thought the caulking gun had become another limb on his body or he had morphed into some weird 1980’s sci-fi movie cyborg. Does make a difference in many ways, but seriously, sometimes you just need to set the gun down and walk away.

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