It Seemed Normal to Me

After going through my Grandfather’s desk and drawers, it would be really easy to write about more strange stuff I found but then I thought that it probably wasn’t fair to do that. After all, I’ll bet I have plenty of things that make perfect sense to me but look strange to other people. In a quick bit of “research,” I emptied my purse to see what was lurking there. Items of note? 16 pens, all working except one. A spoon, I have no idea why it is in my purse. I keep finding it there, wondering why I have it and forgetting about it. I’ve carried it around now for weeks. $3.31 in change. Sun glass piece for glasses I haven’t worn in nearly 2 years. The key to my brother’s house that I should have returned at Christmas. An empty pill container. A broken mirror that I just couldn’t bring myself to toss and the business cards/holder for a job I left nearly 4 months ago. No wonder my purse was getting so heavy! I did a cursory search of my drawers and shelves and these are the things that could look odd by someone other than me. I’m not explaining what they are and why I have them until the end of the post. The idea is that you have come across them while cleaning out my things.

A. Found on the shelf of my garage.

B. On top of the bookcase in my office

C. Two old folding rulers in my office bookcase

D. Teacup on my bedroom dresser. Contains a bit of wool and an eyebrow pencil.

E. Bin of baby clothes. There are no babies in the family. There are enough outfits for about three babies.

F. Photograph is not of any relation or anyone of note.

Answers: A. This bottle contains water from Loch Ness. I visited it over 10 years ago. There is no marking on the bottle that would lead someone to believe it contains anything other than tap water. I have no plans or ideas for this. I’ve moved three times to three different states with it. I just like the idea of having a little Loch Ness with me. B. This monster was made by an artist friend of mine. I just like it. I decided everyone should probably have a house-monster. Her name is Lula. C. Found these two old rulers cleaning out my Mom’s garage. I just really like them and want to do something with them. (This is that slippery slope, isn’t it?) D. I got this teacup at Goodwill for $.50. I have a weakness for blue and white china. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet and somehow it ended up in my room. I got the wool in a spinning class and the eyebrow pencil doesn’t work very well. I couldn’t bring myself to throw either of those out until I just typed those sentences. I’ll toss them when I get home tonight! E. A baby store was going out of business right when I had a bunch of friends were having babies and baby showers so I grabbed all the cute outfits I could find. I clearly over-estimated how many I would need because now I have a bunch left over. Someone in my circle needs to step up and have a baby. Actually, I think I’ll donate these to a woman’s shelter. That is where they will be needed the most. F. I picked up that photo in a junk shop. I just really liked it. Especially the man’s beard! If you have ever had trouble getting rid of things, try writing out the reasons you have them. I am finding it has made it very easy for me to get rid of a lot of these! Except the house-monster. Every household really does need one of those. What’s the strangest thing someone would find in your drawers or shelves?

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One Response to It Seemed Normal to Me

  1. Amy D. says:

    1. Everyone needs water from Loch Ness. I wish when I was 11, and there, I had been so forward thinking as to grab some. Guess I will just have to make another trip!

    2. I have three house monsters — I call them my children ๐Ÿ˜‰

    3. Pick any shelf in my house, and I am sure there are items on it that I don’t know why I have them. I’m convinced that any day now, I will be ready to purge things from this home . . . but first, I have some blogs to read ๐Ÿ™‚

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