I’m Not Noble After All

I’m trying to get a handle on Christmas early this year because, for some reason, it always takes me by surprise; like it moves around the calendar or something. But this  year, I’m shopping early. I discovered Groupon Goods which has had a few good ideas and good prices (we’ll see about the quality). Something that annoys me though is that all the shipping boxes have “I’m here to make you happy!” printed on the side.

My initial response was to react negatively. “How superficial do they think I am?” I thought, “I mean, I’m not as shallow as that to have a THING make me happy.”

But then I opened one of my boxes and I had forgotten that I ordered this:


The auto-change, 7-setting, disco light shower head

And then I realized that yes, yes I am that shallow. Because this thing made me very happy.

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2 Responses to I’m Not Noble After All

  1. Sue says:

    Let me get this straight! You will be having a disco in your shower!?!

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