I’m Just Going to Crawl Back Into Bed, OK?

I can’t say this has been a great holiday. I can’t say it was a good year. In fact, it was a pretty crappy year.

The Great Yarn Giveaway was a success. My knitty friends did an admirable job and all staggered out with more yarn than I believe they planned to take. A very good friend did me the greatest kindness and took everything that was left over to a local charity. I cannot emphasize enough, the satisfaction of not having to deal with any yarn after the giveaway.


It looks like someone shrunk the table.

In addition to having my dining room back, I have my living room back too. The next task is to replace the broken shelves with bookcases so all those books can come off the floor.

I should probably think about putting away the wrapping paper since I’m not likely to give more Christmas presents soon.

The 1/4 left that I kept is still a very respectable amount. I will never lack for great knitting material. However, I at least have my arms around what I have and can actually make use of it now.

This small victory aside, the holiday has been overshadowed by the loss of my beloved Frankie. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon disease for greyhounds and big dogs in general. I had to say good-bye only yesterday. I’m cleaning up the house for house guests but there are so many painful reminders of his illness and my caring for him 24/7 for nearly two weeks.

Oscar and I are sticking close to each other.

The bar has been set pretty low 2015. Try to do better than your predecessor.

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4 Responses to I’m Just Going to Crawl Back Into Bed, OK?

  1. Chris k in Wisconsin says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss. We have 2 Greys and our oldest was diagnosed w/ the same thing in Nov. We are so sad. Each day we have now is a gift. It is so very hard. Take care.

  2. Sue says:

    Some days, months, years are like that. It is how we appreciate all the good times even more. Sending all my love and support to you and Oscar, and all the pookies to come and who have gone.

  3. Amy says:

    Frankie, there will never be a Foo like you.

  4. Scaloot aka Judy says:

    It really sucks when all that sort of stuff hits you at the end of year. I am going to try to do a happy jar or whatever it is called. Just a note to myself about something good that happens each day. I plan on dating them and just stuffing them into some container. Next year maybe I will read them all and end up with a journal of sorts. I can also use them during the year to find a smile or two on a really bad day.
    Note you still have lots of yarn! You even have those baskets I lust after, for now good ole bins have to work until I clear some of the stash. This will be a post move project. I ‘plan’ to have this much room for this and this much for that – then I will see what Mr Murphy (Murphy’s Law) will throw into the mix. Too many hobbies/interests must cut back – yeh, uh huh…
    Meanwhile sending you good thoughts so you can remember the good times with Frankie, not just the last few weeks.

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